“His Hands were all over my chest” – Women’s Day Special 2019 (VIDEO)

This is what it feels like to be a woman.

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In the light of International Women’s Day 2019, Lovely Nepal geared for a new video. Seated on a round table, we discussed then explored ideas, and finally landed on a theme prevalent in every woman in our office.

A story.

A story about being a woman, about speaking up and about addressing the common grounds we stand on. When the entire world tells you how you should behave–or rather, how you should not–comprehending what is happening to you is wrong and acting against it is itself considered an act of defiance.

For this Women’s Day special, rather than painting a very merry picture, we decided to paint reality by sharing out very own stories. Stories to start a conversation on subjects that few women consider comfortable enough to share.

The whole idea is to not just to speak up, but to listen, and then look into ourselves, as individuals, as family, as friends and as society, to change in whichever way we could to build a world safe for women, equal for women.

Help us share our stories, and while you do so, share your own stories too. We want your voice to be heard as well.

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    • What do you mean shamed to be a “man” if your trying to say to those men who molested them, it’s alright. BUT if your trying to say that to all the male population ARE YOU FUCKING GUD BRO LIKE … wtf is wrong with your concept were you only grown by your mom or something ????? like if you have a dad say that to his face ….

  1. I’ve seen these sorts of activities on daily basis.
    Molesters walk around…they can be seen wearing siits and tie as well.
    Today, we can see molesters doing such sexual abuse wid students. I, being a teacher have seen many times. I feel ashamed to see this. I just made aware to the kids but theu dont know what I really mean so my suggestions made me negative.
    Girls stay strong….stay bold….and stay safe as well.
    I salute the girls.😊❤

  2. being a girl,i too have faced molestations in public places, public vehicles.i ,personally, still fear to speak out myself in such places that some is doing this to me ..i can only curse myself for being a girl ..

  3. This is just so heartbreaking..being a girl I can relate to it… It’s difficult to be a girl in society like such where we are objectified, judged, eve-teased constantly…yes she is right that until and unless u look intimidating and behave like one there is no other option to protect yourself and sometimes things doesn’t work that way either… You will be thereatened or mocked for voicing out…it is just so tough to happily step out of your house without having a fear of getting molested.. aren’t we suppose to be safe?

  4. @vkash: I am sure your student know what you are trying to say. they always do:) I think the boys students are also equally susceptible to sexual harrasment. There will never be equality if we don’t talk equally.

  5. Rather abandoning ur daughters,teach ur sons to be loyal from the very begining…If u really want a change then start from urself🤐🤐🤐

  6. Kudos to you girls who come out and share so much.8~15 is the age where we couldn’t be able much diffrenciate what is happening with us? But we all should share or make our daughters or any little girls in our surroundings about these things if they are minor share to their mothers. let’s fight together and raise our voice!!🤛👊👍👏

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