Thoughts You Have When You See Your Ex

Running into your ex after a nasty breakup is like taking a peek into your bank account after a wild night of drunken shopping and partying with your girlfriends. A lot of cringes and a HELL lot of regrets.  

You have certainly dreaded catching a glimpse of poor Ross, who is pretty sure, inwardly mopping about all his past loves. When you have, you have gone berserk with these thoughts. 

  1. 1 "What was I thinking?"


    Been there, done that. But can’t stop thinking and facepalming yourself.

  2. 2 "Dear Earth, Swallow me!"


    Run or hide, unless you want to show off your new beau. *Wink, Wink* 


  3. 3 "Why is he still wearing the sweater I gave him?"


    Why is he still wearing that sweater that has ‘I love you little pooch’ written on the sleeves? Yes, the one that you gifted on Valentine’s. So, what is he trying to imply? *Sends text to all girlfriends asking for advice*

  4. 4 "Look at that him/her, walking like he owns the place!"


    It seems exes become 100 hundred times more attractive once we break up. Can’t help but think ‘look at him walking, eating crackers, breathing like he owns the place!’

  5. 5 "Where didn’t I put on enough makeup today?"


    You immediately start regretting being a lazy bun and not putting enough makeup whilst on your weekly grocery shopping and that’s exactly when your ex decides to bump on you!

  6. 6 "Do I smile or act normal?"


    The last time I saw him/her I was shouting at the top of my lungs, losing my mind with enough hatred to burn the Sun. But now, do I smile or act normal?

  7. 7 "Confidence is the key."


    Breathe-in, breathe-out and don’t let him/her know you are bawling on the inside! #OneThatGotAway

  8. 8 "Please stop thinking about their lips...and other things."


    “Let it go, let it go,” just like the singer said!

  9. 9 "Are they doing okay?"


    No matter how bitter they might make you feel, there are times you find yourself wishing all the good in the world for them. After all, the heart wants what it wants!

    Have you recently had an unpleasant ex-encounter? Did you have these thoughts bombarding your brain?

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  1. not applicable on me,specially #4 bcz all of them have look worse than the time I dated them
    but #1 applies bcz I think what did I ever see in that cheating bastard

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