Weird Things That Can Only Be Witnessed In Nepal

Dustbins everywhere. Not the real one, but the invisible one.

Nepal is not just famous for its culture, beauty, MT. Everest or Gautam Buddha. But there are many other weird stuffs happening in Nepal, that makes it to stand out in the crowd. (In a good way?? We Wish)

Let’s identify some of the weird things that can be found only in Nepal.

  1. 1 Superpower To Drive Even On The Narrowest Roads


    Salute to the best drivers for driving in places where people are scared even to walk.

    On a serious note, some roads of Nepal need major rennovation and are causing lots of accidents.

  2. 2 There Is A Pee-Room..... EVERYWHERE

    Youtube/ WildFilmsIndia

    You don't need a proper washroom to pee, people do it wherever they want.

  3. 3 60 People In A Micro With Capacity Of Just 20 People


    "Ali milera basam" is the go-to dialogue.

    No matter how packed a bus or a micro is, conductor still thinks that 20 additional people can fit in.

  4. 4 Loadshedding Anytime, Anywhere


    Just like we can't predict future, we don't know when the lights might go off.

    Earthquake comes and goes whenever it wants, so does loadshedding!

  5. 5 Every Nook And Corner Becomes A Dating Spot

    Youtube/ OSR Digital

    Even mandirs!

  6. 6 Road Becomes Your Dustbin

    YouTube/ Virtual Studio Nepal

    Oh, wait!! Is that a road?

  7. 7 Dhulo Seems Like Fog

    YouTube/ Nepali Times

    Be it winter or summer, Fog(Nepal ko dhulo) is ever- present.

  8. 8 Reservation For Marriages

    YouTube/ RamSar Media Pvt. Ltd

    People be like, "Main caste milnu paryo, man vaneko ta aafai milcha"

  9. 9 Electric Poles And Wires Everywhere

    YouTube/ Youtube HelpKCreator

    There are high chances wires hit you on your face or you get pooped by the bird sitting on the wire.

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comment section below about other werid stuffs that you have witnessed.

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