Nepali Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight

Shedding a few pounds does not mean torturing yourself to the extreme, going on an empty stomach, or giving up on your favorite food. If anything, it only makes the plight worse. The smartest thing would be to take things smartly and figure out a way that’s best for you.

  1. 1 Limit those ‘Bhaat’ portions


    We Nepalis love our Daal-Bhaat. But, Bhaat has everything that adds to unwanted carbs and very less of fibers. The smart thing would be to limit our Bhaat portions, or eating it only in the morning, avoiding it for dinner especially.

  2. 2 Understand your body

    Physiologically, guys have more muscle, higher metabolism and more calorie needs than girls. Let’s keep the gender power-play and equality aside here, there’s no point in trying to compete with your boyfriend, brother or any guy.  

  3. 3 Watch what you’re drinking

    We might be cutting out on our Bhaat but something else might be sneakily adding on the pounds. So that just one glass of Coke, Fanta and ‘harmless’ chiya or coffee might be making you bloated while adding too much sugar than you’d like.

    Easy solution: Limit your sugar intake and stick to only half a teaspoon of sugar per cup.

  4. 4 Be Consistent

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    "You need to join the gym!” is what everyone would suggest. But signing up for a gym membership itself doesn’t shed the pounds, obviously. Being consistent does.

  5. 5 Find the right kind of fitness regime for yourself


    Lifting weights is a long-term way to build muscle, improve conditioning and burn calories. There’s always Zumba if you love dancing and Yoga if you’re seeking mental and spiritual wellbeing as well. The idea is to find a form of activity you enjoy, love it and keep doing it.  

  6. 6 Keep moving

    An inactive lifestyle is as much as a culprit as unhealthy food habits. The ideal solution would be to crank up Meghan Trainor’s “Better when I’m dancing” and keep that sexy body moving!

    Make sure you desk-potatoes move once in a while too, your body will thank you later.

  7. 7 Snacking like a Yogi

    What would a Yogi eat in a day? That’s the question one should ask while standing lustfully in front of a huge snack aisle.

    Nature’s snacks are the best! Strawberries, apples, kiwi, or a delicious salad is the ideal way to snack like a Yogi and way a lot healthier. 

  8. 8 Stop eating out

    Eating out on weekends may seem like a cool thing to do, but twenty eat outs and twenty-five kilograms later it will not seem like a cool thing. 

    Take up healthier alternative to such eat out so that you and your girlfriends can thank each other later.

  9. 9 Pack your lunches

    People in the city are either working or studying. Which means they rarely have time to make home-made lunches. 

    Packing a healthy lunch from home, filled with your favorite fruits and veggies is one cool way to save calories and money. 

  10. 10 Drink lots of water

    For once listening to your mother’s water advice will come in to rescue you! 

    Drinking water tricks your brain into feeling full along with giving you a super glowing, hydrated skin (Hello!). Thus, you’ll have a less urge to snack frequently throughout the day. Keep a reminder if you have to, you might simply be one glass away from a glowing skin and a healthy body!

  11. 11 Stop controlling your food intake

    After all the initial yapping I did about food control, this point might seem a bit absurd but it’s as important as your morning coffee. 

    “Breakfast is king” is a huge myth that we need to debunk. Eat at times when you feel hungry and skip a meal if you don’t feel like eating. It’s not the end of the world! Go with the flow, don’t beat the current.  

  12. 12 Love thyself


    At the end of the day, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t fall into marketing gimmicks of fair skins and skinny-bodies. Rather, try and feel comfortable in your own skin without giving an absolute peanut to what others think of you. Work for the body you want, but love yourself through thick and thin. 

    Have you always wanted to look absolutely ravishing in that Saree again? Now’s the right time to work for it.

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    This article is based on a conversation with Fitness Expert, Kushal Shrestha.

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