We Asked People “Maya K Ho?” And Their Answers Were Truly Heartwarming

Love is the strongest of all emotions. Defining it would be like trying to define a color; you are left in a stuttering mess unless you’ve witnessed it in all it’s true glory.

Giving it an accurate characterization which checks all the boxes for everyone is next to impossible, but it doesn’t stop us from trying now, does it?

Here was our guests’ attempts at defining love.

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  1. 1 He Put It Into Words:

    From philosophers to entrepreneurs, words fall flat to everyone when it comes to love.

  2. 2 It's Always the Little Things:

    Love isn’t always big romantic gestures. Sometimes the smallest actions show you how much you are cared for.

  3. 3 Nothing Compares to A Mother's Love:

    From staying up late taking care of you when you were sick to packing up your lunches every day in school, mothers are truly a blessing.

  4. 4 Love Can Transform Us:

    Near, far, together, apart, requited, unrequited--love is something that stretches between miles and still manages to change our lives.

  5. 5 When A Hug Says More Than Any Sentence Ever Could:

    Is there anything better than cocooning yourself between arms of someone you love?

  6. 6 When You Know What It Feels Like:

    Even though you’ve never been in love before.

  7. 7 It Gets Better With Age:

    Love ages like wine; the older it is, the more delicious it tastes. But the undeniable goodness comes with a lot of hardships, grief and loss.

  8. 8 Love Has No Language:

    Love is one of those beautiful gestures that do not always need words to express themselves. Sometimes they are even more beautiful, when left unspoken. 

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  1. Aww.. ???? such a lovely post ???? really enjoyed watching ???? Throughout the video i kept on smiling.. its really beautiful to see everyone describing ‘maya’????

  2. I never got love from my mom and dad, cozz I had lost them when I was 5 years old and I had grow up with my grand mom. She also not in this world bt I still really miss her…

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