We All Use These Absurd Nepali Slangs

Nepali slangs are like newcomers in a classroom. At first glance, you think they’re weird. But before you know it, they’ve seated their weird-looking, nonsensical selves next to you and made your life more hella more interesting. They are your best friends now, whether you want them or not.

That being said, here are a few slangs that took over your life as a teenager. Or still are a part of it even if you’re an adult now. (Not to worry, safe space here. No judgment.)

  1. 1 BAAL


    We have no idea how this came to be, but this was the reply to everything important in our lives.

    Homework? Baal ho.

    Exam? Baal ho.

    Existential dread bestowing you with crippling anxiety? Baal ho.

  2. 2 PAAT


    What it is: leaf.

    What we made it: something disgustingly unutterable.

  3. 3 LYANG


    When someone bores you to death, when you watch a bad movie or when a task as small as a caterpillar is pulled into an alligator; lyang is the word that describes the utter horror of daily adversities.

  4. 4 HAPYAK


    The Butwal version of Lyang. No explanation needed!

  5. 5 DAAMI


    This slang needs to be said with a quick ‘da’, prolonged middle of ‘aaaaaaaa’ and concluded with a soft ‘mi’. If not, you’re pronouncing it wrong. The antonym of Paat, it is used to describe something delightfully amazing.

  6. 6 HARIP


    The updated version of Daami. Nuff said.

  7. 7 GIDDI


    When someone irritates you so much, you feel like each of your brain cells is slowly falling into a coma whilst demanding that you have a grand funeral for all of them.

  8. 8 BOKA


    The one guy who thinks about sex more than he thinks about air.

  9. 9 JHAARE


    Nepali tagline for those things that are good-for-nothing.

  10. 10 JHUR


    Homework? Hyaa, jhur.

    Exam? Jhan jhur.

    Existential dread? Jhur, jhur, jhur!!

    Nepali Slangs is undeniably a universe in itself. Listing them all down would be nearly impossible. 

    Tell us your favourite slangs that you used or still use! Did you use some of these slangs on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments! 

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