Things You Should Never Say To A Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian comes with its plethora of unforeseen problems. Add on the judgment of all the non-vegetarians, and it can be quite annoying too. For most, vegetarianism is a way of life. But people consider it a dietary restriction and think that vegetarians need to be saved from it.

Here’s the earth-shattering truth; they don’t.

Since too many don’t realise that, they take it upon themselves to turn a vegetarian into something else or even ask questions that are quite offensive.

With that being said, here are a few things that you should avoid saying to a vegetarian.

  1. 1 "What’s Wrong With You?!"



    Nothing is wrong with vegetarians. Some don’t like meat, some can’t eat meat, some don’t like the taste of meat, some don’t like where it comes from—that’s it. There is no great, hidden secret to their choice neither is it a great flaw.

    A choice is a choice, no matter how senseless it seems. It’s not ‘wrong’ or ‘weird’. As long as no one is being harmed, respect it.

  2. 2 "Vegetarian Food Isn’t Real Food!"


    Are you sure? 

    Because meat eaters also eat vegetables, don’t they? They probably don’t survive on just cooked meat. Just because a diet excludes non-vegetarian items doesn’t mean it’s a knock-off or fake food. 

    If, despite this, you assume they are, then realize that we are all consuming them in a certain amount.

  3. 3 "The Best Food You Will Ever Have is Paneer."


    Is that so? Interesting how you came up with that.

    Vegetarians often hear that Paneer tastes a lot like chicken. The ‘Do they?’ ‘Don’t they?’ questions with a side by side comparison will probably remain unanswered for most of them. But please, refrain from repeatedly telling them how they’re missing out. They are tired of it!

  4. 4 "I’ll Mix Meat in Your Food When You Aren’t Looking."


    Usually, this is said by a cheeky cousin, a close friend or, occasionally, even your own family. And while it may seem like a completely harmless joke, it can be quite annoying to hear. 

    It isn’t funny. In fact, it makes your vegetarian friend trust you even less or be cautious when they eat around you. 

    Imagine someone mixing something you don’t like in your food and you unconsciously eat it. Not so hilarious now, is it?

  5. 5 "Plants Have Feelings Too."



    But you know what a plant doesn’t have? 

    A brain, a nervous system and hormones that allow pain alleviation. Plants do have feelings—that’s true. But to compare vegetarianism to non-vegetarianism based on this truth is quite illogical. 

  6. 6 "You’re Not Saving Any Animals, You’re Eating Their Food."


    Many vegetarians didn’t even choose this life with the intention of saving animals. Many, simply, feel uncomfortable with the idea of eating something that used to be alive, used to have a family and children and felt pain. It’s not for the animals, it’s for themselves.

    And even those who did choose this life for the safety of animals, they aren’t against survival, they’re against the practice of slaving animals for human manufactures.

  7. 7 "Your Food Is my Food’s Food."

    National Geographic Studio

    Again, are you sure?

    Because, oh, what’s that you’re eating besides your grilled steak? Are those peas I see? And potatoes and broccoli? Guess you also eat your food’s food, huh?

  8. 8 "Just Try One, What’s The Big Deal?"


    Like Oprah said, “’No’ is a complete sentence.” Whether it’s a piece or a full plate, it’s a big deal. Vegetarians can’t just try meat. It’s not a dress that you go into a fitting room to wear and find out whether it’s made for you.

    So, simply stop asking or trying to get your vegetarian friends to change their ways. 

    Did this help? Let us know if you have heard any other things that non-vegetarians often say to vegetarians. Comment below!

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  1. “Plants have feelings too”

    Funny you said that! What if I told you more than 50% of the crops that are grown in this planet is actually used to feed those animals which later will be consumed by the meat eaters!
    So technically, meat eaters are causing more destruction of plants!

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