Types Of Pathao And Tootle Riders:

The experience of Pathao and Tootle totally depends upon the riders.

Pathao and Tootle has been doing wonders by taking and dropping us to places in relatively lower prices and are more convenient than the taxis and has been doing really well these days.

There are different types of Pathao and Tootle riders and most of you could be involved in these two incredible initiatives. Here are some of the types:

  1. 1 The Unstoppable One:

    Youtube/Highlights Nepal

    This rider talks from the point that you sit on the bike to till the point you get down. The rider talks non- stop. This rider could go on and on talking about life, politics, nepali industry or anything.

  2. 2 The Change Chhaina Ma Sanga Walla


    This is the one who attempts to get extra money either intentionally or unintentionally by saying, “ma sanga change chaina, aba teti nai dinus."

  3. 3 Lucky, The Mute Guy


    This rider is totally opposite of the unstoppable one. The rider hardly even talks. You get to hear his/ her voice only if you ask the charge for dropping you. If not, you are not Lucky enough to hear the rider’s voice.

  4. 4 The Friendly One:

    Youtube/Jaggannath Dahal

    This rider has the potential to make any client comfortable and will do his/ her best to make the client satisfied.

  5. 5 The Speedy Rider:


    Either this rider is in hurry or has a speed of ‘The Flash.’

  6. 6 The One Who Needs A Google Map

    Youtube/ que yup

    This rider knows just one- direction( not the band).But,  the direction where he/she came from. And sometimes, not even that. The rider is clueless about the place that he/she is in and asks the client itself for the directions. 

    In situations where both the rider and client are clueless, God bless them!

  7. 7 The Turtle:

    Youtube/que yup

    This rider is very much concious and worried. The rider doesn't want anything to happen to the client and takes the saying "slow and steady wins the race too seriously".

  8. 8 The One Who Makes You Wait And Then Cancels The Ride:


    This rider makes the person wait till eternity and cancels the ride at last. 

    These are just some of the riders that we have encountered, tell us in the comment section below if you’ve encountered other types as well. 

    Also, tag your friends who are the riders of Tootle and Pathau and see if they can find themselves in here. And share this post so that more people would be aware about these wonderful initiatives. 

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