Types Of Instagram Stories In Nepal

Are you that person who post every memes on your story?

Even though Instagram plagarised the idea of Snapchat, they were successful in making Instagram stories a big thing for people. 

Here are some of things you see on your instagram stories. Go ahead and find yourself as well. 

  1. 1 The Foodie


    We all have that friend who doesn't let you eat until s/he got a perfect food story. 

  2. 2 Always Partying


    I still don't know how someone has that much energy to party so much. 

  3. 3 The MEME Guy


    Why explore on instagram when you got a MEME GUY who post the  funniest memes.

  4. 4 Doggo Lover


    Does this instagram belong  to a person or a dog...I wonder

  5. 5 Travel Vlogger


    People be going to places and there's me watching them go places by just sitting in my bed and stalking them. 

  6. 6 Posting Romantic/Sad/Motivated Quotes


    We all know that person who is going through a breakup, don't we?

  7. 7 The Love Birds


    Yes we get it. You guys are cute together. 

  8. 8 Tik Tok


    One application was not enough to handle their "chataks" so they put their tiktok videos on their stories. *claps*

  9. 9 The No-Face


    You'll see photos of their friends/scenaries/memes but not theirs. 

  10. 10 Nepal Idol


    The singers who didn't get selected in nepal idol

  11. 11 Ask Me Anything


    This is how you indirectly ask for compliments in 21st century.

  12. 12 The DM-STORY Guy


    I thought I was special and then I saw the same thing on his story....MEH

    So did you find yourself? I hope you did. If not, tell in the comments what kind of person are you in this Instagram world.

    Also, SHARE it with your Instagram addicted friends and lets laugh together.

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