Types of Haasos and How to Recognize Them

Know the deeper meaning of Nepali Versions of Buhahah and Muhahas like a pro!

Okay, people, we Nepalis love fart jokes the best. So, when you are having conversations— trying hard to be likeable and funny—someone just lets out few syllables of ha-has and he-has that instantly makes you wonder if they are laughing at your joke, or they are laughing at you?

Hence, here are some pro tips and cues to let you know how we Nepalis communicate our approvals and disappointments through our laughters.

  1. 1 The Maskinu

    YouTube/ HighlightsNepal

    The Misplaced-Approval.

    This is your crush’s way of crushing your soul, one smile a time. You’ll never know if s/he is into you or not. Never! *Sigh*

  2. 2 The Just-Musukka

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    The Half-baked Disapproval. 

    They don’t even want to make an effort, but are polite while they break your spirit. That is how bad the situation is.

  3. 3 The Khitka Chhodnu

    YouTube/ OSR Digital

    The Masked Disapproval.

    They laugh at your jokes in full volume, but in the back of their head they are laughing at you.

  4. 4 The Gajrinu

    YouTube/ Noty Aashish

    The Khula-Dil Walla Approval.

    This is Nepali version of all caps HA-HA-HAs. If a woman has this laugh, marry her. This woman laughs from within and doesn’t hold back. If it is a man, RUN!

  5. 5 The Rawan Laugh

    YouTube/ The Quint

    The ‘Will Murder You Soon’.

    This is how Bu-Ha-Ha sounds in Nepali, had it been laughed by Mogambo. #SaveYourself

  6. 6 The Kichkanni Laugh

    YouTube/ Beest Official

    ‘The Evil Personified’.

    If Satan squeaked, this is how he would sound. If a woman has this laughter, is wearing white, has her face covered with hair, you are already 3 cues late. #RunForYourLife

  7. 7 The Khi-ti-ti Khi-ti-ti Garne

    YouTube/ joey saada

    The Ultimate Agreement.

    This is the best kind of laughter, where they are not just laughing with you but plotting with you as well. #PartnersInCrime

  8. 8 The He-He Matra

    YouTube/ Henri

    The Judge-y Disapproval. 

    When someone just utters two syllable, pack your jokes and run because they are judging you and your life while you spill your rotten funny beans.

  9. 9 The Pet Dukhyo

    YouTube/ aap683d27

    BFF Personified.

    Only your BFF will say this when laughing at your pathetic jokes. This kind of laughter may lead to breathlessness and teary eyes as well.

  10. 10 The Constipated Laugh 

    YouTube/ Sagar Budhathoki Magar

    Nepalis call it 'Kanera Hasnu'. 

    This only happens when a Haakim jokes. I will leave it to you to judge this one, while your boss is standing with your appraisal sheet. All the best.

    Did we miss out on any Haasos? Let us know in the comments down below! We love hearing your side of the story, or in this case, your side of haasos!

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