Things We Thought During And After 2015’s Earthquake

From getting an actual shock from all those aftershocks, we really became cautious all these years after the devastating earthquake on 25th April 2015

We still think about earthquake whenever we have a gloomy day, especially on Saturdays.

Here are some of the things we used to think during and after 2015's earthquake

  1. 1 Animals were our fortune teller


    Dogs : *barks*

    Me: Oh no aja sure earthquake aaucha!

  2. 2 Shower/Toilet thoughts


    Raise your hands if you ever thought of not showering because of the earthquake.

  3. 3 The word "AAYO" freaked us out


    Every Nepalese would have been a millionaire if they got a dollar for every time they said "AAYO" for a false earthquake.

  4. 4 Apartment scares you


    Just one question: Why does this building have 22 floors???

  5. 5 Believing all the fake rumors


    Remember how we thought every single rumour was true?

  6. 6 "Arko pali aayo bhane gayo"


    We were our own fortune tellers.

  7. 7 "Is this the main earthquake or just an aftershock?"

    YouTube/ OSRDigital

    Everybody: "Thulo aauna agadi yo sano huna sakcha"

    *experiences 7.8 magnitude earthquake*

    Me: "Yo bhanda thulo kati aaunu paryo???"

  8. 8 Movement of any furniture or bed scared you


    Me: Why is that wind champ moving???

    Also me" Because of the wind *DUH*

  9. 9 “Ajha thulo aauna baki nai cha”


    We all really hope this is just some other rumour.


    What other thoughts were there when you were fighting for your life. No matter what these thoughts have always made us cautious in a good way. 

    SHARE this with your friends and family and reminisce those scary days and hope to never see such days again. 

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