“Those Days | Animated Music Video” By Bibin & Atul Manandhar

From selecting the perfect song to coming up with the perfect story, to days and nights of hard work, here is how I made the animated video of "Those Days." 1 min

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"Those days" is a song written and produced by my brother, Atul Manandhar, who is a great singer. I have always wanted to make an animation from one of his songs. He had produced three songs and I had to choose one. And Those Days, being my favourite because of the nostalgic feeling it gave me, was the one I chose for animating.

Animating is a tough job, since it takes a lot of time to finish. But it is especially difficult for someone with a one-man studio, like me. While taking the job of animating Those Days, I knew I would take forever to complete it, however, I took the risk and just dived into it.

The first thing any animation needs is a story, which I didn't have. The story of the song was not something that just popped to my mind, either. I developed the story while I animated the song. Therefore, making a lot of changes to it was inevitable during the process.

Finally, the entire animation was ready to be produced. I did the storyboarding, the animatics, rough animation, lineart animation, coloring, shadows, and at last, the backgrounds. This took me around 3.5 months to complete.

After the animation was done, I edited the video and it was ready to go! My masterpiece of Those Days, that I worked so hard and patiently for, was finally going out in the world and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! I won't say I did a great job, but, well, it was at least better than what I expected! Much better, actually!

Nevertheless, I know I have a lot more to learn and I shall be continuing my efforts on similar projects in the far- fetched future. Till then, enjoy the video!

P.S.: I would like to express my gratitude towards Lovely Nepal for believing in me, enough to feature my feelings about the ever so precious video for me. They are, indeed, doing a great job!

Did you like my story? Do let me know in the comments below. Also, suggestions for my animation are also highly appreciated.

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93 shares, 39 points


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