Things That You Find In Every Nepali’s Wallet

You will find everything but money.

Things That You Find In Every Nepali's Wallet
If you carry a Rs 1000 worth of purse with Rs 10 in it, you know you’re a true Nepali.

Since wallet is so much important to us, let’s look at the things that you find in every Nepali’s wallet:

  1. 1 Tons of Bills


    We have all the bills that we've been paying since the day we bought the wallet in the wallet itself. 

    But some can't relate to this as they throw bill the minute they get it!

  2. 2 Paisa bhaye pani nabhaye pani discount cards chai huncha

    YouTube/ Discounts in My City India

    "Discount" is our happy and favourite word. 

    We might forget to carry money but discount cards, impossible.

  3. 3 Family Pictures


    Wallet is just incomplete without love. Money is love and family is love too!

  4. 4 And crush's photo somewhere hidden inside the wallet


    And some hide their crush's picture inside the wallet! 

    If you can't find it, your mom definitely can! 😉

  5. 5 Coins! Coins! Coins!

    YouTube/ umardee coins and banknotes

    Coins because you don't want to scratch recharge cards while you smoke.

    Apparently, scratching with nails causes cancer. 

  6. 6 License


    If you ride, having license in your wallet is almost compulsory.

  7. 7 Raja bhako wala notes

    YouTube/ Golden Collection

    I'm sure some of us just carry these notes in our wallet.

  8. 8 Debit and Credit cards


    Swipe your card, get the money!

  9. 9 The god that an individual worships


    You would never want your wallet to be empty so, some of us tend to put a picture of the god as a good luck! And some of us even put our lucky charm!

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments below if we've missed any other things you find in every Nepali's wallet.

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