Things That Happen When You Go Out With Your Shopaholic Friend

Things That Happen When You Go Out With Your Shopaholic Friend

In life, you’ll have different kinds of friends giving you different kind of life lessons but then there’s your shopaholic friend who gives you style and bargaining lessons.

Getting dragged to Durbarmarg when there’s a 50%  sale to being a judge for deciding their clothes, we have had a lot. 

Here are some of the things that happens when you go out wth your shopaholic friend

  1. 1 Mobile phone games are your best friend


    We've made highest scores in our games when we waited for our friend to come out from the trial room.

  2. 2 Wearing Comfortable Shoes


    Why hike, when you got a shopaholic friend who will make you walk from Newroad to Durbarmarg over and over again.

  3. 3 Nodding “YES” to everything they choose


    “Yes, It looks perfect” more like “Yes, Please Lets go home”

  4. 4 You start observing and stalking people


    People : *minding their own business *

    me: " Why is everyone wearing yellow hoodies" 

  5. 5 You learn all the bargaining skills

    YouTube/ alittleanarky

    You know how to get shoes of Rs4000 to Rs.2000 real quick.

  6. 6 Nightmare= 50% sale at Durbarmarg


    Disclaimer: You could bring a tent for yourself because you are going to be there for a while.



    "Pugyo k pugyo aba ta" 

  8. 8 At the end: you learn a lot about style and fashion


    No matter how frustating it gets, you get alot of style tips from him/her which is the only bliss.

    Are you reading this while you’re waiting for your friend to come out from the trial  room??Tell in the comments what other things happens when you go out with your shopaholic friend. 

    And SHARE this with your friends who goes crazy when they see 50% off in anything. 

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