Things from Nepal that will Baffle the World

By now the whole world knows that “BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL”, so let’s move on to other things that matter too!

Every country has its good, bad and their ugly side and that’s what makes each country unique from that of other countries. 

Nepal has its own uniqueness and factors that makes it one of its kind. Lets see some of the things of Nepal that will baffle the world. 

  1. 1 The Only Country With The Triangular Flag


    Nepal has the only non-quadrilateral national flag in the whole wide world which is quite unique and impressive. 

  2. 2 The Bodies On Mount Everest


    We all know MT.Everest is in Nepal but with that it is the place where one can witness a number of bodies that remain unburied, not retrieved and undisturbed.

  3. 3 Public Holiday = Saturday


    Nepalese has their public holiday on Saturday unlike the rest of the world where the public holiday is on Sunday

    P.S. We don't relate with any of the outrageous monday memes. 

  4. 4 Chhaupadi Pratha


    It is a tradition associated with the menstrual taboo, in the western part of Nepal which prohibits Hindu women and girls from participating in normal family activities while menstruating, as they are considered "impure".  

    Even though people are slowly getting aware about this situation, its our job to eradicate this problem as soon as possible

  5. 5 The Nepali Calendar


    Nepal does not follow the Georgian calendar as it’s official calendar where we follow the Bikram Sambhat calendar which is quite unique and specific to Nepal.

  6. 6 Kumari (The living Goddess)


    Nepal has a living Goddess which is worshiped by millions of people. Many tourist come to Nepal because of this reason. 

  7. 7 The "Dal-Bhat"


    "Dal-Bhat power 24 hour"- This phrase is taken very seriously in Nepal since we eat Dal-bhat twice a day. 

    Pretty normal for us. 

  8. 8 Love for MOMO


    My friend: *Eats momo every single day*

    Me:Still a better love story than twilight 



    Question: Write about your country. 

    Every Nepalese: BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL. 

  10. 10 Lukla: Most dangerous airports in the world


    The reason for this airport to be the most dangerous airport in the world is how it is constructed in between mountains and the short length of the runway is breathtaking and amazing. 

    No matter what, we are always proud to be Nepali and will always try to make our nation proud. Tell in the comments below what are other things in Nepal that will baffle the world and also do not forget to SHARE it with your friends and family. 

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