10 Things From Around The World That Nepal Needs To Adopt

जानौँ, सिकौ र अपनाउँ ।

Nepal is beautiful and amazing country in its own way. But, there are some of the things that Nepal should adopt from the world to make it a even better place.

Let’s see some of them down below:

  1. 1 Respect every work


    Every work takes hardwork and dedication! Moreover, nobody could do that work more perfectly than the ones who are doing it. 

    So,if we do not have the necessary skill, knowlegde and energy to do others' works, the least we can do is respect!

  2. 2 Let the children choose what they want to become

    YouTube/ HiHo Kids

    Just like how every person cannot fit in the same size of t-shirt, not everyone can fit into the society's perception of the ideal job! 

    Lets get out of "Doctor, engineer or Pilot" mess and let children be what they want to be.  

  3. 3 Clean Like Japan

    YouTube/ softypapa

    Japenese people are taught from their childhood to keep their surroundings and their households clean. 

    They even carry the wrappers or waste in their bags until they reach home or a place that with a dustbin. Its high time we follow this rule. 

  4. 4 Education

    Sydney Frymire

    Education is a basic need for all of us. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden all offer free education or education at very low cost. 

    It would be wonderful if the education system in Nepal  was also free or atleast affordable!

  5. 5 Traffic Patience

    YouTube/ Nurendra Rimal

    A study by Waze, a traffic app, concluded that though Netherlands  is densely populated, it has best traffic system . Latvia has the second best and The United States has the third. 

    Nepal has the worst traffic. Here, people need to learn patience and even follow the traffic rules. 

  6. 6 Cashless Economy

    YouTube/ Panagiotis Markidis

    Many countries like UK, Canada , France etc are turning into cashless economy. Also, our neighboring country, India has also gradually been adopting it. 

    Though eSewa, khalti and some other organization are contributing to this, Nepalese should be more aware of cashless economy and adapt to it.

  7. 7 Equity Culture

    YouTube/ Viral Nepal

    Mark Rutte, the prime minister of Netherlands is a very humble politician. He is said to ride his bicycle to work everyday.

    And here we are where the road were blocked for more than 40 minutes for president's sawari!!

  8. 8 Equal Rights

    YouTube/ Cinepati TV

    In countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden, women have equal rights as men.

    In Nepal, it is still very tough to get a citizenship in the name of our mother!!

  9. 9 Dedication As Japanese

    YouTube/ hasi mazak

    Japan is a country where earthquake keeps on occuring but Japan fixes its infrastructures in such a less time.

    In 25 April 2015, earthquale occured in Nepal but its 2019 now and still many famous heritages and places have not been reconstruted!! Nepal should adopt some dedication that Japanese people have.

  10. 10 Keeping your nose out of other's business

    YouTube/ Crepbot

    Some Nepali people have a habit of interfering and judging people. Some people even stare when girls wear pants, kurtha or sari!!

    Well, they should definitely stick their nose out of our business!!

    Wouldn't Nepal be wonderful if we adopt these things? Tell us in the comments below of what other things you guys think that Nepal should adopt. 

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