The Warrior Yeti

There is a whole world out there; completely shrouded in mystery and darkness. A world we know nothing of. ⠀

Yes, we tell horror stories out of them. Out of the bits and pieces of evidence they have left for us in a careless abandon. ⠀

But little do we know that they have their own hierarchical system. With their own leaders, their children, and their ruthless warriors.⠀

Under the peak of Everest, amongst the chasm of the Himalayas, lies their abode. While they might come off as uncivilized savages, we sit warm and safe in our beds, unaware of the blade-carrying Yetis that walk on the land and bridges made out of bones. Yes, we did right when we layered the legend of the Nepali Abominable Snowman, because no matter how fluffy and fascinating they might seem; they have a ferocious danger surrounding them, one that has us staying far, far away. ⠀

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