Winter Rain And All It’s Chill

The drizzling rain in this cold, cold winter has us, undeniably, shivering in our thick, bulky and waterproof jackets. As the water hits the ground, so does all our plans for the winter.

The chilly wind accompanied with the fogged air, stuffy noses and sore throats inspires lonely blanket-draped warmth rather than lazy social interactions, and it has disappointed us greatly.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the utter beauty of the rainy winter days that are nothing short of spectacular.

While the rest of the world marches to their abodes, seeking shelter and heat from their preciouses, the picture portrays a group of people sitting in front of a fire--something so Nepali, that it hits you with a dose of nostalgia and belongingness.

From shop owners to young children huddled around the blazing fire, this art is a picture-perfect depiction of our Nepal that is so undeniably lovely to its core. Don’t you agree?

What do you think?

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