Weird Things We Believed When in School

Wasn’t it fun to believe that the world was made of cotton candy and dreams? To never have to question anything? School, it seems was the perfect place where our child-like wonder was taken to astonishing heights, and sometimes, even touching the stars. 

We were told a ton of bullsh*t, as you later took a jolly walk down the memory lane in your adulthood. Here are just a few of them. 

  1. 1 This school is haunted


    Ghosts. And, especially the washrooms were always haunted!

  2. 2 Rubbing your nails will grow your hair


    It is completely berserk. I know. But we did it anyway. All girls in school dreamt of was having long, lustrous Rapunzel hair.  

  3. 3 Passing and avoiding your bad luck


    Bad luck was the worst nightmare of school-goers. The only way to avoid it was to either cross your fingers or legs, and even your toes (if that’s even possible somehow). 


  4. 4 Ram ki Bhoot?


    It was our naive version of the 5-seconds-rule that if you dropped your bite, you’d persuade your friend to say ‘Ram’, to eat that disgraced chocolate. And, Bhoot would be the reason they would make you sulk!

  5. 5 If you touch your neck, you have to blow your fingers


    “Natra you’ll get a goitre.” We’d even dictate our friends to do the same!

  6. 6 Someone is for sure having a love affair


    Besides ghosts, stories of love used to tickle our belly. If we didn’t find any, we’d make sure to cook up one. Especially those of teachers!!

  7. 7 You get Jinxed if you speak together


    Did you happen to speak together at the same time? If you do, you’re jinxed! The only way to break it was if the other person took your name. Otherwise, you had to keep your mouth shut.

  8. 8 Bump your head a second time


    Mistakenly bumped your head with your friend? You had to bump it a second time. Headbutts always come in a pair! Sort of like Beaves and Butt head.

  9. 9 The crazy existence of Genies


    Lo and behold! Every school had a genie, and if you ever happen to catch them you could have your 3 wishes granted. Many recesses were spent on finding one!

    Wasn’t school a confusingly amazing time? Haven’t we all wished we could go back and re-live it all over again? Tell us your absurd stories in the comments

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