If Your Favorite Superheroes Had Nepali Parents

Being a superhero is a tough job. From fighting evil villains, saving lives, to eventually making the world a better place, their days are as adventurous as it can get. 

But beneath their masks and fancy costumes, they are just like the rest of us, dealing with life. And if they had Nepali moms, they would be doing household chores and running errands. Don’t believe me? Have a look. 

  1. 1 Captain America

    Ghar ko kaam na sakai baira niskis bhane ghar firta aaunu pardaina. Turunta gayera sabbai bhada majh!

    Chores at home are more important than saving the world.

  2. 2 Superman

    Talai alikati laaj chhaina? Kattu bhitra bata lagaune gar!

    Maybe a Nepali mom is all it takes for Superman to start wearing his kattu inside.

  3. 3 Batman

    Imagine Batman in a yellow suit!

  4. 4 Wolverine

    When Wolverine is forced to cut vegetables by his Nepali mom.

    Fruit Ninja in real life. 

  5. 5 Aquaman

    Kati paani ma khelirako, baira niski, joro aaula ni.

    Nepali mom will sure make him wear 10 layers of sweaters and give him hot tea then.

  6. 6 Hulk

    Ali ajhai kha na, kasto dublaisakis!

     *adds more daal and bhat*

  7. 7 Wonder Woman

    Tyo luga lagayera kata jana lageko? Aile ko aile bhitra gayera change garihal.

    Even a superhero needs to wear sanskaari clothes. No excuses.

  8. 8 Spiderman

    Ghar ma euta pani jalo bhetey bhane tero haat khutta sabb bhachidinchu.

    But my tiny little brothers and sisters need a place to live too!

  9. 9 The Flash

    Esto speed ma kudne bhaye pani kaile time ma ghar aaudaina! 8 baje ghar aaipuginas bhane kutai khanches.

    Super speed = Come home before the bell has finished ringing.

  10. 10 Thor

    Jaile pani hammer harayo bhancha, aile ma aayera tya hammer bhetey bhane tei hammer le tero tauko futauchu!

    But mom, I swear it wasn't there before!

  11. 11 Ironman

    "Grinder kina nabanako aile samma? Achar khadinas bhaat sanga?"

    Fixing home appliances is Ironman's hobby!

    What do you think about the idea of the superheroes having Nepali moms? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Dipshikha Giri

Secretly observing the life of Nepali hoomans. Serial chips and coke eater. Likes to pet stray dogs and randomly meows at any cat.


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