Stand Up Comedians You Should Watch Right Now

Perhaps the hardest thing to do as a perfomer is making your audience laugh. But there are some exceptionally good perfomers who leave us in a fit of giggles. Whether it’s relateable or completely exaggerated version of a joke–Nepali standup comedians have a lot to share. 

Let’s check out a few of them.

  1. 1 Apoorwa Kshitiz Singh


    Apoorwa's comedy video was the first stand up comedy video of Nepal to reach 1 million views!!

    We don't need to say much about him. His achievement says it all.

  2. 2 Aayush Shrestha


    Aayush Shrestha, it literally means the best. #HIGHLEVELMAPAI

    He is a proud and confident Newar but Brahmins love him too. If you know what I mean. 


  3. 3 Yozana Thapa Magar


    Yozana is an entertaintment package! She is the mom of comedy. Seriously. *winked*

    Have you not checked her Kooky Dunk's video?? 

  4. 4 Lekhmani Trital


    Lekhmani was traveling in a plane,

    Foreigner: Pardon?
    Lekhmani: Ah padhne bhaye padh, tara ganaayo bhane esto pitai khanchas! (He thought that the foreigner said Padhum?)

  5. 5 Shailee Basnet


     Shailee is a mountaineer turned comedian. She has done stand up comedy not just in Nepal but also in India, US, Colorado and many more!

    Shailee in Gotham comedy club New York City: Our prime minister in Nepal changes 6 to 8 months. America, aren't you jealous now?

  6. 6 Sujan Zimba


    Sujan is the most energetic comedian full of expressions. He is just hilarious.

    Sujan- Kt haru ta naagin ho. Jahile ni ta kata gayisss, k khayisss, k gariss.. J ma ni chisss chisss!


  7. 7 Bishal Gautam


    Bishal: Math teacher, herdai Nepali padhaula jasto, bigari bigari english boliracha.You is go home immediately after the eeschool otherwise I will poonish you!! 

    I'm sure that everyone had a maths teacher jo herdai Nepali padhaula jasto dekhthyo. HAHA

  8. 8 Shraddha Verma


    Shraddha is so smart. I guess every Shraddha is. I am too. 😛

    Jokes apart, she is really creative and has such smart humor! Totally in love with her ingenuity!

  9. 9 Alan Jung Thapa


    He is one of the finest comedians. He is outstanding at what he does! You would just want to keep on watching him.

  10. 10 Sajan Shrestha


    Sajan hilariously puts out the important issues and he is so good at delivering.
    He is a kinda comedian, you will have a crush on. *wink*

    Do you guys watch Nepali stand up comedies? If not, do watch it.  Also, tell us in the comments below if we have missed any of your favorite stand up comedians.

    Please SHARE this post with your wanne-be comedian friends. Help them reach more greater heights as they deserve nothing less!

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