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Winter is here at our doorstep. Unlike Game of Thrones, we don’t have to wait years and years for this white beauty to grace back into our lives. Some of the best snowfall areas in Nepal turns into a Winter Wonderland.

You don’t necessarily have to go all the way to Annapurna Base Camp or the Everest Region to enjoy it. So, what about snowfall areas near Kathmandu? There are plenty! A few hours of drive away, a top of a hill and you’ll be enjoying the glories of winter.

Just make sure to wear a lot of layers, maybe carry a flask of warm coffee and brace yourself to get a handful of snow sloshed on your face. December through January is the snowfall season in Nepal and is the best time to enjoy snowfall.

Here are a few a few places to enjoy snowfall near and outside of Kathmandu:


Photo Credit: Himalayan High Spirit Adventures

Imagine looking down and seeing lovely little village huts covered in a blanket of snow, a scene straight out of a Christmas themed storybook. This is what Kalinchowk looks like after a snowfall and is quite simply the best snowfall area near in Nepal.

The place is accessible from Kathmandu but takes about 4 hours of drive and up to 7 hours of hike to reach. Your tiredness might seem like a forgotten memory when you gaze down at the view.

On a clear day, the view of the Himalayas graces you from every direction and the inviting toll of bells from Kalinchowk Bhagawati temple fills you with an indescribable calm. Recently, Ski Guides Nepal have even started fun snow activities like skiing in the region. It’s usually accessible during the heavy snowfall months, between December to March.


It’s the highest hill point surrounding Kathmandu valley only 20 kilometers away offering a grand view of home. It’s one of the best snowfall areas near Kathmandu. Snow usually remains on the northern side of the hill for a couple of days, giving a chance for snow enthusiasts to rush for a laughter-filled snow fight with loved ones. The long hike is compromised by the beautiful sight of sprawling Rhododendron forests and lush vegetation- giving it’s literal name ‘Hill of flowers’. Phoolchowki might be the nearest hill from Kathmandu valley but its beauty is a thousand miles away from the pollution of Kathmandu.

Chandragiri Hills

Photo Credit: Holidays to Nepal

Chandragiri hills look like they’ve been covered with sparkling white Christmas decorations during the peak of winter. It’s just 7 kilometers away from Kathmandu, yet the mountains look as if you could touch them with your fingertips if you stretch enough. The great Annapurna range and Everest seem as close as ever. Kathmanduites along with their family flock to Chandragiri hills as soon as winter sets in. The cable car journey can be the right option for you if you aren’t a fan of long hikes while for others, this might be an even better option to enjoy the snow.

Poon Hill

Photo Credit: The Kathmandu Post

This destination is for the wanderer, and also for that perfect picture of you grasping a snowflake to post on Instagram (quite honestly). People rarely go all the way to Poon Hill just for the snowfall. It’s usually a trekking route that leads to Ghorepani, a village at the base of Poon Hill. Nonetheless, if you specifically choose to trek in winter, you’ll experience winter to your bone. Perhaps it will be compromised by standing atop a hill, gazing at the mountains and feeling invincible once in your lifetime. Did I mention? While the snow falls on continually like a scene from a movie. If you’re the kind that never says ‘no’ to a challenge, then this might be it.

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