Things You Get To Hear When You Are About To Take The SEE

“Science line Ki Commerce?” this simple words from 100 different relatives was too much to handle back in those days.

With SLC, or, may I call it “SEE”, approaching our doors, there are also some other people known as our relatives at the same door.

HODOR!!! Because here are some of the things you will hear from your relatives if you’re about to take the SLC/SEE. 


    Even Cersei would not fight for that "iron" throne if she got all those pressure from her relatives. And the sad part is, they don't tell us that there is so much more to achieve in life other than SLC. Such"irony!"

  2. 2 "Science line ki Commerce?"

    We have to think a thousand times to even decide where and what we should eat for lunch and they are already asking us such big questions.

  3. 3 “SLC pachi moj nai moj ho”

    Just one question: Does life even exist after SLC?

  4. 4 "SLC pachi j pani kindinchu"

    Distinction lya talai sab kindinchu”  Spoiler alert: They don’t!!

  5. 5 "Aba party kaile?"

    Remember feeling like you were getting married because of so many questions about parties?

  6. 6 Baira jane plan cha??

    America ko thaha bhayena tara ghar bahira ghumna jane chai plan cha SLC sakepachi. 

  7. 7 “Distinction lyayo bhane ta science padh”

    “If you got more than 80% you are good enough to be a doctor.”- said every parent/relative ever. 

  8. 8 Sathi le J liyo tei line haina!!

    Who could forget parents’ never-ending dialogue, “Sathi le ham falyo bhane ta ni ham falchas?”

    Tell us in the comments what other lies or maybe truths your relatives or parents had told you. 

    Also, SHARE this post with your relatives and parents and make them feel bad for what they put you through.

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