Things Your Sinkutey Friend Is Tired Of Hearing

Oi asti hawa huri ma talai udayena??

Things Your Sinkutey Friend Is Tired Of Hearing

Yes, deny it all you want. You’ve always secretly and jealously wondered how these skinny people stay skinny even though they eat as much as you do. But have you ever thought what kind of questions and remarks you have to hear being a sinkutey person?

Lets see some of the things your thin friends are tired of hearing.

  1. 1 Hawa le udaucha


    "Asti ko hawa huri le talai udayena ta, achamma bhayecha"- Every friend ever

  2. 2 Ghar ma khana didaina ho?


    Looks like they aren't from 'khaatey pitay khandaan" after all.

  3. 3 Eti khayera ni motaudainas yaar


    Me:*eating burger , pizza and momo and still thin and slim*

    My friend: I hate you for this.

  4. 4 Talai kina dieting garnu paryo?


    Apparently, working out and diets are not for thin people. "Apparently"

  5. 5 “I wish I was as skinny as you.”


    Everyone is so desparate to be like you....Like why?

  6. 6 "Mero kaanchi aaula ta timi bhanda moto rahecha"


    How do they come up with such weird and lame jokes for thin people, I wonder.

  7. 7 Hundreds of Nicknames


    Luri, Haddi, Matchstick, Lukhure and the list goes on.

  8. 8 Taile luga lagako ho ki luga le talai lagako


    "Taile Luga lagauda ta hanger ma jhundira jasto cha." Like, Seriously???

    #Relatable?? Well, no matter what, you are just beautiful and amazing just the way you are. Tell us in the comments below what other things your friends tell you. Or SHARE it with your sinkutey friends and tease them.

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