9 Places In Kathmandu That We Need To Save

Lets make improvements, not demands.

9 Places in Kathmandu that we Need to Save

It’s heartbreaking when the places that used to be so beautiful is no longer the same. They have now changed into the places that hardly has any beauty left. Its our duty to maintain the identity and charm of these wonderful places.

Here are some of the places in Kathmandu that we really need to save.

  1. 1 Tudikhel


    From concerts to revolutions, Tudikhel is the one constant in the city. So it's high time that we turn this place into something marvelous before it gets ruined with neglect.

  2. 2 Bagmati Riverside


    Did you know that people used to drink water from Bagmati river? Now, we try so hard to not to breathe while we cross Bagmati!! 

    There are various "Clean Bagmati" campaigns being conducted and it's our responsiblity to do more!!

  3. 3 Ranipokhari


    The beautiful view of the pond has now turned into a muddy and fuzzy land because of negligence.

    The name "Ranipokhari" doesn't suit for the current sitaution of this place as its all dried and parched!!

  4. 4 Bishnumati


    We all know that BIshnumati has rich ritual cultural values. 

    But from last 35 years, it has been used as a dumping site.

    Isn't this too sad?

  5. 5 Nagpokhari


    Nagpokhari used to be really beautiful with clean pond. Now the water is hardly visible and the pond looks like a football ground with green grass. 

    Recently, Nepal Army has cleaned the pond. Its our turn not to pollute it and maintain its beauty. 

  6. 6 Shivapuri


    Baghwar Pond is a small pond with a statue of Shiva in the middle.

    The pond now is not clean at all.

  7. 7 Ratna Park


    Ratnapark is one of the oldest parks in Kathmandu, a place that welcomes everyone with open arms. So, why discriminate a place that doesn't discriminate us?

  8. 8 Ranibari


    Located in the north-western part of Kathmandu, Ranibari is one of the few remaining forests inside the valley of buildings. Let's save it before urbanization eats it.

  9. 9 Narayan Chaur


    KUDOS to Naxal-Narayan Chaur community!!

    "Narayan Chaur has shown how to go about it. "Stop waiting for the government and get the community involved."

    We all together can do better to save these places overselves!!

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments below if we have missed any other places that needs to be saved!

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