Reasons Why Every Girl Should Learn Coding

printf (“Nothing is better than a girl who codes”);

Reasons Why Every Girl Should Learn Coding
Imagine a coder.
Fingertips on keyboard, steaming coffee by their side, fogged up glasses on their nose. Was that a guy or a girl?
Probably the first one. But it’s time we change that.

Here are the reasons why  girls should start learning coding.

  1. 1 Break the stereotype


    "Kti bhayera coding sikne?"

    Ans:Hell yeah 

  2. 2 Good pay


    How much coding pay?

    Ans: A lot!!!!

  3. 3 You are creating something


    There are so many possibilities. You can create your website and your app to robots. Isn't that some sort of super power?

  4. 4 Great future career


    Yes, Coding is a career. You can work with great companies like NASA, Facebook and other see what you can do with that knowledge. 

  5. 5 Criticial thinking and problem solving skills


    You don't need wisdom tooth to get some sort of wisdom but you definitely need some coding. 

  6. 6 It's Empowering


    Leveling up in tech skills can give you a feeling of self reliance and a sense of empowerment.

  7. 7 IT IS FUN!!


    "Why should boys have all the fun?

    Tell in the comments on what you think about coding as a future option and do not forget to SHARE it with your friends and family. 

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