9 Random Rants Of Your Clothes If They Could Talk

Have you ever wondered what is it like after you have picked your outfit and closed the wardrobe door? Do you ever imagine your clothes telling each other about the adventures they went on with you? Or that awkward first date with your crush?

Well, I always do. Ever since I watched Toy Story, my mind always wanders off into this alternate world where clothes could actually talk. Honestly, if my clothes could talk, they would be all over the floor, screaming. But I sure have imagined what they might really say, or better, rant about!

Here is a list of a few things that I imagine my clothes talking about. Go ahead, have a good laugh!

  1. 1 The One Who Has To Bear the Stains

    Most of us definitely own one or more white t-shirts or dresses. Do we love it? Yes! However, loving the white tee isn’t enough to save it from the inevitable stains it is prone to get. Whether it is momo achar that you accidentally spilled while devouring it or coffee stains that appeared out of thin air, there are always stains on your white dresses. How did they happen? I guess we will never know. 

    I know that every time I am picking my white tee out of the hanger, it goes “Oh no, please don’t drop that sauce on me again!”

  2. 2 The One Who Remains Unwashed For Ages

    We all have that perfect pair of jeans that we wear all the time. It’s our go-to jeans when we can’t decide what to wear. We pair it with everything from a plain white tee to an intense graphic tee or even some top that is very stylish. 

    Our jeans have just one tiny complaint. Why does it take weeks to finally give up and throw it into the wash?

  3. 3 The One Who Loves to Play Hide and Seek

    Roses are red, violets are blue. Socks disappear without a clue. 

    Our socks are the masters of hide-and-seek. We find one of them under the bed while the other remains hidden and doesn’t care if we are getting late for college or office. It just wants to be the ultimate champion. Ugh!

  4. 4 The One Who Misses His Buttons

    There’s always a sad little shirt in some corner of our closet that misses all the buttons he ever had before. It has to bear going around with safety pins meticulously placed inside the rim. It just misses all its buttons from the happy times and wants them all back.

  5. 5 The One Who Wants to Lay Back and Chill

    Our tie always hangs on the back of our door or our closet in a knot. It doesn't get to untie and relax in its natural form unless we are throwing it into the wash. All it ever dreams is to untie the knot and be free. Well, even we don't like having a piece of clothing tied up around our neck. 

  6. 6 The One Who is Jealous

    In the meantime, there's a bowtie way past the normal jealous level in our closet. Every time there's a dilemma, we tend to hover our hands from tie to bow-tie. It goes on for a good 5 minutes until we decide to try them both. The bow-tie gets almost excited to be finally worn. But eventually, we end up picking the tie, because you can never really go wrong with a tie, right?

  7. 7 The One Who is Guilty

    If there’s one clothing item that ruins our hair is the good old beanie. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with my beanie. I love wearing a beanie but I hate when it presses down my hair and changes the shape of my hair. Beanie always says the same, that it will never ruin my hair again. But its actions say otherwise. 

  8. 8 The One Who is Looking Forward For a Great Day

    Then there is this little black dress or gorgeous dress that is collecting dust in the back of every girl’s closet. The dress wants to go out and feel the fresh air, it wants to go to parties and awkward dates. Well, we rarely ever take it out and wear it because DUH — waxing schedules! And we don't want a line of guys running after us, right girls?

  9. 9 The One Who Wishes Things Were Different

    There is always at least one piece of designer dress that we splurged on but never really wear. Maybe it's because we never find an appropriate occasion to wear it or that excuse of waxing schedules again. This dress is a diva and always complains that if it lived in a different closet, it would have tremendous fame. Had it only been on a famous celebrity or fashion blogger's closet, its picture on Instagram would have crossed 10k likes and 5k comments!

    Well, what would your clothes tell you if they could talk? Comment down below!

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Written by Dipshikha Giri

Secretly observing the life of Nepali hoomans. Serial chips and coke eater. Likes to pet stray dogs and randomly meows at any cat.


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