8 Times Priyanka Karki Proved That She Is A Girl Boss

The haters gonna hate hate hate hate… But PRIYANKA’S gonna slay slay slay slay slay.

8 Times Priyanka Karki Proved That She Is A Girl Boss

Yes, we are really hyped about Priyanka Karki representing Nepal at the Cannes Film Festival. But this is not the only time she has proved herself to be strong and bold but many times. 

  1. 1 Most followed instagram

    She is by far the most followed Nepali celebrity on Instagram.

  2. 2 Breaking the stereotype

    No matter the amount of trolls, still proving their love to be true and strong. 


  3. 3 Multiple Brand Ambassador

    From Good day to coke to Clear Tv. She has done it all. 

  4. 4 Sassy Daughter in law to be

    Will I get punished for loving this "Sasu Buhari" jodi more than the actual jodi?? 

  5. 5 She is everywhere

    You can find her singing, doing hundreds of movies and continously working as a brand ambassador for different brands. *KAHA CHAI CHAINA PRIYANKA*

  6. 6 Ayanka Foundation

    Taking out time to give back to the society is something we all can appreciate, right?

  7. 7 Gems and Angels

    Hate her all you want. But her angels and gems always got her back. 

  8. 8 Queen of balancing life

    She never fails to give time for her family or stay updated on Instagram. Professional and pesonal life perfectly balanced. 

  9. 9 Bonus: First Nepali Actress to represent in Cannes Film Festival

    How can we miss out on this historic moment she just made by walking at the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival.

    We are so proud of you Priyanka for everything you've done. Can't wait to see more of your accomplishment in the future.Do not forget to SHARE it with Priyanka's Gems and angels. And her well wishers. May be her haters too. 

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