Things Pokhrelis Are Wakka Of Hearing From You

Pokhara – a way too popular place for vacation in Nepal, is always a factor of excitement and wonder for people. At least people who don’t come from the place itself. For the ones who do? Well… not so much!

In fact, the excitement that you almost always show about their hometown is rather annoying to them. Read on to find out how.

  1. 1 "Why don't you have a Western accent?"


    Ermmm... Because we already have typical Nepali accent?!

  2. 2 "Do you live around Lakeside?"


    Yes! Despite Pokhara's area being 464.2 kilometres square, we all live in Lakeside. In fact, we live on boats, right on the lake. Incase you missed it, this is sarcasm! *Rolls Eyes*

  3. 3 "You must be rich"


    We live in an expensive city where tourists spend a ton of money, and living standard is really high. So, what does it tell you? Guess? Guess??

  4. 4 "Malai Pokhara ghumauna laga na."


    Not meaning to generalize, but most of us living in Kathmandu today, were not always it's residents. Do you want to be a tourist guide for your hometown? No, right? 


  5. 5 "I heard Pokhara is about to drown."


    One more time I hear that and I will drown myself in Fewa Taal.

  6. 6 " Sasto Hotel/ Trekking Guide milaideu na."


    "Baru malai milaideuna!" – That's what I think everytime someone asks me that favour. 

  7. 7 "I want to get married in the middle of the lake."


    Erm, Goodluck with that!

  8. 8 "Did Davis Falls got its name from guy called Davis who killed himself there?"


    Okay, let me get you familiar with the term 'urban legend' where things are just myths and said around for fun in chiya-pasals.

  9. 9 "Free ma paragliding milaideu na!"


    Do you think we have and carry free tickets in our pocket? Well, sorry to burst your bubble!

    Are you a Pokhareli tired of hearing these things from your friend? Let us know what else you are tired of hearing in the comments!

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