Types Of People You Will Meet At The Movies In Nepal

It is always fun to go to the theatres to watch a movie. And regardless of the movie turning out to be good or otherwise(*whispers Robot 2.0), you have to admit that it is a brilliant way to spend time.

However, you have to take in the fact that movie theatres like QFX and Big Cinemas are public spaces. To put it simply, you will have to share your movie-going experience with a whole bunch of people each with their own quirks and habits.

So, with that in mind, here is a list of people you are sure to run into at the movies.

  1. 1 The Commentator

    That one person who has to give us a piece of his mind about what is happening on the screen. Whether it’s Salman Khan’s quirky actions or Swastima Khadka dancing to a musical number, he has to say something. However, the idea that nobody at the theatre wants to hear him seems to evade him completely. But chances are he will not stop there either. You are sure to be bombarded with trivial knowledge about the actors and how they got the roles. All the while you sit there partly trying to enjoy the movie and partly wondering how such useless information can fit in a person’s head.

  2. 2 The Love-Birds

    As we mentioned earlier, movie theatres are public spaces. And like all public spaces, there are bound to be two people who can’t keep their affections to themselves. These are lovebirds who would think they are Ayushman Deshraj and Priyanka Karki. And as much as you want to feel happy for them, you would rather watch a movie that you paid for.

  3. 3 The Inquisitor

    It's completely acceptable to have that general sense of curiosity. But it’s a different story when it comes to watching a movie. There’s always that one person who has a million questions during the movie. Normally it is your friend whom you brought along to have a good time. Flooding you with questions during every scene and bringing down the enjoyment level of everyone present. But you can’t blame them since more than often they are indeed paying attention.

  4. 4 The Explainer

    This is the opposite of the inquisitor. The person who understands so much about the movie that he has to explain the details to you. And normally, it is that friend who takes you to the movies that he so desperately wants to watch And if that wasn’tenough, you will have to deal will his superiority complex throughout the screening.

  5. 5 The Jeer-leader

    It is what you get when you combine the confidence of the commentator and the excitement of the explainer. But unlike them, his antics are not limited to a few people. This is the person who actually yells silly instructions to the characters on screen and hurls criticisms when they don’t take it. We understand cheering and clapping at pivotal scenes during the movie; everyone does that. But it is only this kind of person who comes fully prepared with an arsenal of jeering. And oddly, they expect people to play along with his weird sense of humour and congratulate him for being a comedic genius.

  6. 6 The Phone Junkie

    This is the kind of person who pays more attention to the tiny screen in his hand than the gigantic one right in front of them. Whether it is continuous social media scrolling or talking on the phone, his priorities are sorted. And the baffling part is that he chooses to ignore the movie which he paid for to watch.

  7. 7 The Babysitter

    You should kind of expect people with kids at a family oriented movie. If you find kids at the screening of Chakka Panja, you should understand what you signed up for. However, there should be no reason for you to expect them at the screening of Kri. But there is always that one person who brings a child along, regardless of what type of movie it is. As the the movie goes on, the child proceeds to yell and cry throughout.

  8. 8 The Snacker

    There is something about snacking while watching the movie that elevates the entire experience. But there is always that one person who mistakes the concession stand for a buffet and snacks throughout the movie. That in itself wouldn’t be a problem if the snacks were not loud and chewy. You might think that he is chewing gravel. So, your only choice to politely ask him to quiet down on the chewing. Or, if you are an introvert, treat the munching as a background sound effect in the movie.

  9. 9 The Hyena

    A wide range of people fit in this category; after all, laughter is a basic human tendency. So, we advise you to expect a few laughs or giggles while you are in the theatre. However, what we can’t advise you to expect is the presence of a hyena. Not as in the actual animal but a person whose laughter reminds you of one. This is the type of person who will roar with laughter even at a minor joke. Or, somehow finds humour in places where other movie-goers can’t seem to,. It can get frustrating sharing a theatre with such a person since it takes you out of a serious scene entirely.

  10. 10 The Zombie

    The zombie has got to be the ideal movie-goer. This isn’t in a sense that he wants to eat your brains (leave that to the Inquisitor). This is in a sense that he will shut his mind off and watch the movie as you should. He will stay motionless and quiet throughout the movie’s runtime like a vegetable since he’s either fascinated or bored by what he’s experiencing.

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