People We Meet In a Sarkari Office’s Line

I’ve always thought I was a patient person until I stood in line for a government paper. I could literally measure my patience in teaspoons. Oh well, so much for discovering oneself!

If you have suffered the same unfortunate melancholy, you’ve definitely encountered one of these:

  1. 1 The Question Mark


    There’s always that someone who asks “Dai tapaile toilet dekhnu bhako cha?, every five minutes, the whole day!

  2. 2 The Small Talker


    By the end of the day, they will tell you everything about themselves from their birthdays to impending divorces. Everything.

  3. 3 The Samaj Sewi


    The Nelson Mandela of government lines, who will take it upon himself to provide all the right information to everyone. Such a kind soul!  

  4. 4 The Donald Trump


    Not everyone has the capacity of boring a whole crowd by complaining about electricity while standing in a queue to pay water bills.

  5. 5 The Clueless


    This one will stand in the queue for hours just to find out he had been in the wrong queue all day long.

  6. 6 The Inseparable couple


    The guy will make sure to bring his girl tea and pakoras every 15 minutes. And, the girl will shyly hold his hand every PDA chance she gets. #90sMovieVibes

  7. 7 The Helicopter Parent


    This one accompanies his 30-year-old kid, patronizing him/her again and again for not growing up faster.

  8. 8 The Fraud Flash


    Money and connection can get you ahead of the queue but you sure deserve to burn in hell!

  9. 9 The Big Fat Liar


    They will come out of nowhere and stand right in front of you, claiming they were standing right there since 5 hours and you somehow missed them.

  10. 10 The Early Bird


    Whether it’s rain, storm or the sun, these people will always be the ones to arrive first in line, patient as a Saint. We need such people more!

  11. 11 The Gandalf


    An annoying old man with a perpetual frown shouts “You shall not pass” just before it’s your turn. The lunchtime, break and chutti are all against your favor.

  12. 12 The Unlucky One


    Right before it’s their turn after standing for hours, it’s always lunchtime or ‘come tomorrow’. Nightmare will repeat tomorrow again. #BadLuckBinod

  13. 13 The Dejected Gajini

    Their forms have more scribblings than Aamir Khan's tattoos in the movie.

  14. 14 The Stationery Shop


    They carry everything from pens, glues, papers, tapes, envelopes to stamps. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if they flipped their house out of their bag and started living there instead of standing in line.

    Did you recently stand in a government office queue? DId you meet these kinds of people? Did they annoy you or crack you up? 

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