10 Important Things Nepali Parents Never Told You

Nepali parents are like the rows of knights that you see in Game of Thrones; protecting their child–that’s seated on the Iron throne–from every little thing that the world tries to throw at them.

But knights aren’t enough, as the show evidently proves it. And most of us eventually end up traumatized, confused, lost or all three.

That being said, below are a few things that you can’t get your parents to open their zipped mouths about.

  1. 1 What comes after your education


    ‘Padh, padh, padh’, that’s the parental mantra. On your result day, your mother turns into something straight out of Naagin, wide-eyed with the thundering background music, ready to bite your neck off for every B and below.

    But no one tells you about life after your studies are complete. You’re Gendry, rowing your boat in the endless ocean of jobs and office politics with no idea where you’re going.

  2. 2 How to deal with heart breaks


    The only thing sadder than our love lives is how we can’t talk to our parents about them.

    And the only relationship advice you’ll ever get from your parents if you somehow gather all your scattered guts to go to your parents, is ‘end it’. 

    Thus, you have an entire generation of Nepali youths having relationships and dealing with breakups without their parents ever knowing about it.

  3. 3 What to do with money


    When you’re a kid, you think that your parents have a secret vault in their cupboard where they hide all the treasures. 

    Even when you grow up, you really have no idea what they do with their money. Thus, you don’t know what to do with your first salary either. Most of us are usually stuck between blowing it on something we don’t need or putting it in fixed deposits.

    Investment, what’s that?

  4. 4 How marriage works


    We all think that we’ll get to mid-20s and get married and life’s gonna be awesome. But that ain’t the case.

    All we hear from our parents’ marriage is ‘baba le thapae marnu hunchha’ or ‘mommy lai bhandim?’ that we start thinking that the core of any relationship is playing hide-and-seek with truth.

  5. 5 They have active sex life


    You never have the ‘The Talk’ with your parents in Nepal.

    Ask them how you came to be and they’ll tell you that they found you crying on the side of the road, or that the Lord brought you to them. It’s always the same answer, even if you’re a 20-year-old adult!

  6. 6 There is a word called masturbation and it is a quite normal one


    Legend has it that if you say the word ‘masturbation’, Nepali parents seize up and fall into a fetal position, never to be woken again.

    They will forever believe that the only time you touch your genitals is when you wash them. 

  7. 7 Sibling fights get grander as you grow


    Moving out, partition and family feuds are topics that are a huge no-no for a casual conversation.

    Hum Saath Saath Hai is your anthem until the distant nightmare of sibling rivalry knocks at your door.

  8. 8 Existential crisis happen more often than you realise


    What it is: pointless dread that de-motivates you from doing anything.

    What your parents make it: kati alchi vako mero baccha?

  9. 9 Mental health is not a hush-hush topic


    One of the saddest thing in our country is how mental health is still a taboo subject. Even now we follow the quack medical prescription of ‘Wait a few days, you’ll feel better’ or just straight up shrug when you try to talk to them about how you’re feeling.

  10. 10 How to live without them


    Let’s admit it. The only time our parents have ever said ‘When I’m not here anymore’, is to emotionally blackmail us into doing what they want.

    And it is only when they’re gone we realize how much of us they took with themselves.

    What else did your Nepali parents not tell you? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments. SHARE if you can relate!

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Written by Kumudini Pant

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  1. “adult” children should understand their parents view about God..& that maybe 1 point you missed…as parents do not talk & ask in detail about what their children believe …their children will never also reveal what they believe —-or what changes in belief occurs as they grow. The viewpoint about the character of God ..whether one thinks he Is like a policeman, dictator, something to be feared, a friend, same level or high up/low level ….may give insight to both parents & children what they really fear/love in the long run…& what they want human family relationships based on—money, property or love/faith/trust

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