Nepali Parents And Their Guff

There are some things that can’t be explained. Especially to an annoying kid who is basically a question machine, chomping 20 questions in 2 minutes with a cheeky grin. 

Parents taught us that lies can save the day, especially if it can get you what you want (hey!). We might have grown up believing in those lies, or they might have tormented us when we were young. But wasn’t it painful and liberating to find out later that it was only a load of farce? 

  1. 1 They picked us from the roadside container.

    It is the Nepali version of ‘YOU ARE ADOPTED’.

  2. 2 If we study hard, we don’t have to ‘bhaada majhnu’ ever!


    But they never told us that ‘ever’ becomes invalid once adulting happens.

  3. 3 If you swallow seeds, you will grow trees in your belly.


    Raise your hands if you have spent sleepless nights contemplating how to live once you turn into an orange tree.

  4. 4 Doctor is the only viable career option. (Rest of you are losers!)


    “You disappoint me.” -- Every Nepali Parents Ever.

  5. 5 Parents are always right.


    ‘Mukh Nachala’ - The slogan of parenthood in Nepal.

  6. 6 Hari Dai ko Chhoro is always going to be better than you!


    There is a reason why you don’t get ‘Best Kid Ever’ cards in gift shops here.

  7. 7 Tell us everything, we won’t react!


    Right after you drop your guard, they will make sure they’ll explode in a way it reminds you of khursani bomb during tihar.

  8. 8 I am happy with your decision.

    Give them a drop (just a drop is enough) of magical truth potion, they’d happily say that you are a huge sack of disappointment.

  9. 9 Only khattam people smoke and drink.

    Which is why mints are so easily available at ‘paan pasals,’ people!

  10. 10 They don’t know what sex is (*ahem*)


    They will still tell you that you magically landed in their laps or they found you near roadside even when you are thirty rather than admitting that they have been naughty *wink*. 

    Did your parents lie about these things? Were you shocked when you found out it was a load of fake-tasies? 

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  1. The second one, LOL! They should have warned it was going to be the same for every student from Nepal in Australia. ????????

  2. – “No stickers on skin! You don’t want to get Cancer now, do you?” ????
    – “Sleeping in the middle is an invitation to ghosts”
    – “That kid is laughing too much..he/she’s going to get sick” ????
    – “touched your neck..aba fuu~ nagare haad palauxa” ???? ????
    – “broom under your feet…kucho lai dhog” ????
    – “sprinkle some water on Karai before eating in Karai” ???? ????
    – “Sneeze while eating..drink water first, then resume eating” ????
    – “light’s out while EATING…do NOT eat in the dark..I repeat..DO NOT EAT IN THE DARK…bhoot ley khaako baraabar hunxa” ????????????
    – ETC! ☺️

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