10 Things We Think Are ‘Paakhe’ But Are Not

The world has moved on, should we not?

People might call these pet-peeves but we Nepalis call it being ‘paakhe’. Paakhe meaning someone who has just came down from ‘gau’ and can’t differentiate between TV and computer. All ‘Sahares’ bet that they are superior. But little do they know that we all came from ‘gau’. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate what we know?

Here’s where you can begin:

#1 Bringing lunch from home

If you think that eating healthy and being loved by parents is not cool, you should start rebooting your belief systems.

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#2 Speaking English with a Nepali accent

Wow. British accent is hot. That person has an Italian accent. Saucy! But suddenly Nepali accent is pakhe? What? Exactly!

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  1. Copying americaney and speaking the americaney way and being pakhey to rest of the world. When we all know router is derived from route and you pronounced rawuuuuter.

#3 Bringing your leftovers from a restaurant

While 815 million people (according to WHO) are starving in the world, why should we throw away food like it’s free? Listen to your mom and respect food!

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#4 Listening to old romantic songs

Listening to Narayan Gopal does not make you ‘pakhe’ and listening to incomprehensible Korean lyrics does not make you ‘cool’. Why should our personal choices create harsh personality labels?

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  1. I agree that listening to Narayan Gopal’s songs does not make you a pakhey but listening to “incomprehensible” korean lyrics sure does make you cool because cultural exchange is always cool:))

    • I don’t think listening any kind of music makes you cool. Everyone has their own taste in music. But it is very uncool to keep forcing someone else to listen to the music that you like thoug they don’t want to listen to it.

    • not necessary, cool is something you define yourself.
      I would prefer rock music over Korean music. No hate, no love, just no thoughts, doesn’t make me cool or uncool as well.

#5 Skipping jewelry on a party

Sauntering into a party with a jewelry store on your body is not a cool status marker. You wanna know what’s cool? Wearing what you feel comfortable in!

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#6 Wearing chhapals while shopping

Chhapals are the ‘it’ thing if you were not aware. You slip them on, it’s light as a feather and if you’re feeling lonely, the slaps on your heel make it feel like, there’s a company behind you. How is that not cool?

#7 Eating with your hands

If our ancestors did it, why can’t we? Provided your hands are clean, you can eat pizza, dal-bhat, fries with your fingers like you own the place!

#8 Asking for your change

It’s your money, so what’s the shame in asking for what’s yours by right, law, and conscience?

#9 Not using social media

No he/she does not use Facebook or Instagram. Chances are he/she doesn’t know what a meme or TikTok is. Yes, he/she is a person. At least more than someone whose eyes are glued to their screen 24/7.

Do you think we should re-evaluate what we think is ‘paakhe’? Add below, other things that are labelled paakhe but are cool. We will love to hear them!!

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  1. Real pakheys are those who makes irrelevant and irritating tiktoks, musically and whatever other shits…. Hugney lai vanda herney lai laj vanya jasto…… Kuro 😂😂

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#10 Bargaining in shopping malls

It’s fine! Provided you’re being considerate and strike a smart bargain.

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What do you think?

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Written by Shuvekshya

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  1. Sorry to disagree .Nepali ppl try to put on fake accents of indefinite countries ( meaning they put on accents thats not entirely American or British or Australian or French🤣🤣) in bad grammar…thats paakhe… having Nepali accent in perfect grammar is not paakhe

  2. And now I listen to the legend Narayan Gopal songs but also listen to BTS (there are translations lol), so what am I now? 🤔😂😂
    Cool pakhe perhaps

  3. Asking your change is so true 😂😂😂.
    Specially while traveling the public vehicles.
    It’s our money, we’ve to ask all the return.It’s not being pakkey but being smart about valuing your money and showing that you’re not dumb about things.

  4. Standing on an already crowded overhead bridges just to see the traffic flowing should be considered pakhe … if not i don’t know what that is

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