All Time Favorite Cartoons of a Nepali 90’s Kid

We 90’s kid were strange. 

We watched TV instead of YouTube, sang to ‘Jungle-Jungle’ from Mowgli instead of ‘Shark do-do-do’ that kids these days sing to (and you wondered why kids today were weird). And, here are the cartoons we have lied for, fought for, procrastinated our home-works for, and even skipped our schools for (oh, we millenials love a good drama).

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    Kumudini Pant

    You are either team Tom or team Jerry. Nuff’ said.

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    Kumudini Pant

    Remember when you thought that being smart meant being Phineas or Ferb?

    Also, a platypus being cooler than us forever will is a devastating fact that this show taught us.

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    Kumudini Pant

    Are ya ready, kids?

    Yes, many may never understand why you wanted to live in a pineapple under the sea, but at least you lived in the era when Spongebob and Patrick were friendship goals. And, that alone made you feel like you are the coolest kid in the block!

    Btw, if you don’t get Spongebob reference, we can’t be friends. Sorry!

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    Kumudini Pant

    Admit it, you ate spinach just as a tribute to this animated hero.

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    Kumudini Pant

    Looking back, this was an insane, insane show for children.

    From alien abduction to haunting ghostly presences, Courage the Cowardly Dog had it all. This cartoon alone was able to instill fear in 90’s kid heart. Take that The Conjuring!

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    Kumudini Pant

    Were they hippos? Rhinoceroses? This was and is the biggest mystery of our lives. Bigger than Bermuda Triangle. Period.

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    Kumudini Pant

    If you had to describe this young high-schooler, the first words would be cool, crime-fighter and your first crush. Be honest, it’s a safe space!

    This action-comedy show had all the best elements of a great cartoon. Chic main character? Check. Adorable guy? Check. Hilarious animal sidekick? Check. Great villains? Check, check, check. 

    And when Ron finally, finally kissed Kim we all cheered for him, right? Right?

    Just me? Oh well.

    Kumudini Pant

    Most of us remember the Hindi-dubbed version of it. Admit it, the constant ‘ding-ding-ding’ alone was your favourite go to ‘super-power’ mantra that you still chant till today!

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    Kumudini Pant

    Sher Khan was the Amrish Puri of your childhood. Nuff’ said!

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    Kumudini Pant

    Few Nepali kids would have not heard of Meena.

    The girl with small black button for eyes, accompanied by her parrot – who we all have unsuccessfully tried to copy – with all her stories, love and lessons. An excellent animated show that taught little ones about issues of gender, health, and social inequality, it takes us back to a time when we were all young and innocent of the gigantic world outside our four walls.

    The Meena Cartoon might not be Nepali, but it is, undoubtedly, a Nepali icon. 

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    Kumudini Pant

    Talking bags, talking maps, talking animals and one seven-year-old Latina girl, embarking on quests after quests, then finishing with your help. She was cool before she became meme.

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