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You might be seeking a wonderful culinary experience while on your trip to Nepal. And old restaurants in Kathmandu? Yes, that’s where you should start! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these are the best restaurants in Kathmandu. After all, they’ve had years of experience perfecting their food, menu and adapting with the mood of the time.

But first, what makes a good restaurant for tourists? The primary thing is the quality and taste of the food they serve. Much to our pleasure, many of these restaurants serve authentic Nepali cuisine in a homely Nepali environment. You might develop a liking to Nepali food, and if not, you aren’t completely doomed.

Likewise, several restaurants in Kathmandu are run by expats, who know most of all the pain of missing home in a different country. French? Indian? Italian? Korean? You can almost eat the world in Kathmandu.

So, here’s a list of the oldest restaurants in Kathmandu. The next time, you look for restaurants in Nepal, this is where you should head to.

Bhojan Griha

Credit: ECS Nepal

Bhojan Griha serves Nepalese food in a way that no one can. The building itself dates to 150 years and was once home to the Royal priests of Nepal. Bhojan Griha prides most of all in the food they serve. What’s more, all the resources are grown, cooked and brought to your table with the most arduous preparation. Therefore, gorge in some delicious serving of Dal Bhat while enjoying traditional Nepalese music and dancing.

Ghar-e-kabab at Hotel Annapurna

Credit: I am Kathmandu

Set inside the chic premises of Hotel Annapurna, Ghar-e-Kabab serves the best Indian food in Nepal. Whether it’s South Indian food, Tandoori food or classic Chicken Biryani you’re craving, you can be assured that Ghar-e-Kabab does it elaborately. Inside the restaurant, you will be suffused by the rich colors of the interior, and the mellow sounds of Gazals every evening.

Chez Caroline

Credit: TripAdvisor

Named after its owner Caroline, Chez Caroline has been serving authentic French food since 1997. It’s located inside Babermahal Revisited, one of the most historic Rana palaces of Kathmandu. Moreover, the experience of dining there is like eating in a quiet mansion somewhere in France. Additionally, the restaurant is also best known for serving Bistro classics with a modern twist.

Mulchowk Restaurant

Credit: Babermahal Revisited

Mulchowk Restaurant is a haven for gourmet lovers. It’s also located inside Babermahal Revisited and is named after the main courtyard of the elegant palace. The menu at Mulchowk restaurant is essentially a Continental one. Either way, you won’t be regretting your decision if you order slow cooked lamb, pork belly roast and of course, mushroom walnut risotto.

El Mediterraneo

Credit: Facebook

El Mediterraneo is a charming little restaurant in the quiet area of Jhamsikhel, a little outside Kathmandu. The man behind its delicious Mediterranean food and popularity is Bibhushan Raj Joshi, who has spent years perfecting every little detail in the food. The Spanish dishes, they serve there are to die for! Try classics like gazpacho and paellas. If you’re feeling a bit experimental, the fusion Nepali and Spanish dishes will give you an exciting culinary ride.

Krishnarpan at Dwarika’s Hotel

Credit: Dwarika’s Hotel

Dwarika’s Hotel is the finest hotel in Kathmandu, and we should expect no less that they will serve the best Nepalese cuisine in the entire city. Dine like a true king by opting from their choices of 6 to 22 courses. Moreover, it’s not only food you’ll taste here, but the tradition of ritual feasts enjoyed by the Newari community of Kathmandu.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Credit: TripAdvisor

Take a trip to Italy with a big bite of the uber delicious pizza, Fire and Ice serves. They serve the best pizzas in Kathmandu along with breakfasts, smoothies, crespelle and good espresso on a tavern inspired table.  Tired from your wandering in Thamel? Then, stop by Fire and Ice, to satisfy your pizza cravings.

Utse Restaurant

Credit: TripAdvisor

This is the longest running restaurant in Thamel (since 1971!) and serves excellent Tibetan dishes. It’s always good to surprise your palate during your travels and trying out authentic butter tea and tongba (hot millet bear) for drinks. Furthermore, they are the most popular for gacok, a hot pot style dish perfect for winter. Other than that, stick to Momo (Nepalese dumplings) if you are looking for a safer option.

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