10 Off-beat Nepali Food That Duniya Le Janna Chahancha

Yes, momo is the most amazing thing since the dawn of time. But there is so much more to Nepal’s culinary world than just momo. If you take a detour through it, your taste buds will have an adventure of a lifetime.  

Here are some supposedly ‘weird’ Nepali food, that some people might say ‘chi chi’ but after having a bite they say “when did I say that?”

  1. 1 Gundruk

    Nepali Tummy

    Gundruk is the sole reason why we Nepali call ourselves 'bhaatey'. Way to our hearts is getting gundruk to our stomach, everyday!

  2. 2 Titaura


    You will find Nepalis abandoning their luggage so that they don't have to let go of their over-weight 'titaura-ko-suitcases' in the airport.

  3. 3 Tama


    Tama loves attention. Tama deserves attention. Especially aaloo-taamaa. I mean we have restaurants named after this dish alone!

  4. 4 Dhedo

    Existing Blog

    Dhedo is what makes we Nepalis so humble. And, when you have it with buttermilk, you reach heaven with every bite!

  5. 5 Kinema


    Chances are if you belong to the Kirant community, you already know what this means. It’s soybean, fermented to be slimy and odorous. But if you like the taste, it’s gold!

  6. 6 Chatamari

    Trek Route

    The Newari equivalent of pizza. 'Nuff said!

  7. 7 Sel roti


    We don't do donuts, we do it extravagent, we do it large (I mean look at the size), we do it SELROTI style. 

  8. 8 Maseura

    This is how a Nepali's 'swarga' tastes like, especially if you serve it with some bhaat ani tamatar ko achar with saag and kaalo daal. 

  9. 9 Lakhmari

    ECS Nepal

    Another sweet snack! Newari biscuits glazed with sugar, found in an assortment of shapes and if eaten can make any bad day better. You’ve been warned!

  10. 10 Choila

    Nepal eMarket

    This is how 'love in first bite' looks like if you ever to fall in love with food. BEST. MARINATED. MEAT. DISH. EVER!

  11. 11 Yomari

    Events in Nepal

    Yomari is for sweet dishes, what Momo is for rest of the dishes. If you have never threatened your Newari friend to bring you some, have you even lived your life?

  12. 12 Mula ko Achar


    Pickled radish in a glass jar basking in the winter Sun. Need I say more? Except just don't burp for few hours maybe?

    Did you already start drooling? Let’s admit, Nepali food is interesting. Tell us which ones are your favourite in the comments!

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  1. U missed khalpi achaar(made of yellow cucumber),kodo/phapar ko roti with timur kursani ko piro, makai ko chiura, machcha ko chutney, paani roti, farsi and sukuti curry and many more…..

  2. I could tell even without looking at the writers name that this article would have been written by a Girl for sure !

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