Thoughts Non Pet-Lovers Have In Front of Pets

Affection for animals comes easily to pet-lovers. But what about us, people who feel no affinity towards pets?

It’s like the whole world is in on a secret while the rest of us are left baffled.

With that pitiful confession out of the way, here is a list of things that non-pet-lovers have in front of pets:

  1. 1 “Don’t panic, don’t panic, it will sense the fear”


    This is a different kind of ‘butterflies in your stomach’ moment that you would feel every time a pet ventures into the room, wagging its tail with all of its sass. *Takes a long breath!*

  2. 2 “Do I say aww? How do I react?”


    When you are not equipped with an instant Love-for-Animals Syndrome, you’re forever left hanging in indifference and awkwardness when they arrive.

  3. 3 “My death will be in the paws of this furball.”


    ‘This is how I die.’ Call it an exaggeration but this is exactly what we think when a pet comes close to us, no matter how trained or lovely or fluffy they are.

  4. 4 “Will I look rude if I don’t give him a bite of my mo:mo?”


    Despite their puppy eyes, don’t wanna share my food. Period!

  5. 5 “So they poop in front of you, and that’s how you bond with them?”


    How is it cute when your dog pees and poops on your ‘walk-together’? No answer will be the right one to convince us!

  6. 6 “Okay, why is it sniffing my butt?”


    That’s what they do though. When you first enter their abode, they’re struggling to find your butt and trying to figure out how friendly you are. *Creepy!* 

  7. 7 “It might not be that bad having them around, maybe.”


    Once we get over ourselves, we all go to our own homes, thinking about the dreadful experience that, in fact, makes us yearn for the furballs who shall love us forever. #ForeverAlone

    Did we hit the mark? What else do you think of when you see someone else's pet? Let us know in the comments. SHARE if you relate. 

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