Thoughts That A Non-Newar Has When They Are In A Newari Bhoj:

How newari bhojs are conceived by the non-newars.

Being a non-Newar among your Newari group of friends can be quite an experience especially during Bhoj. Newari bhoj are truly different than the type of any other parties you have ever gone. 

And, since it is different than your regular parties, here are some of the confusions and thoughts that a non-Newar has during a Newari Bhoj:

  1. 1 Launa Kati Dherai Variety

    You feel like you are in the middle of 'food advertisement' when you see more than 15 dishes laid infront of you, all smelling like spice-heaven. All you can do is 'thuk'nilnu' till you are signalled to proceed. 

  2. 2 Laa! haat le nai khane ho ki spoon dincha?

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    Spoon? Hand? Both? None? This shall be the biggest cause of anxiety till you settle down and help yourself with first serving out of many.

  3. 3 Should I start? Wait? What's the cue?

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    You see so much food on your laptya(plate made of leaves) that you’re now in a dilemma about which one to eat first and when to start? Do you wait for some cue or you can dive into? #UnsolvedMysteries

  4. 4 Is it rude to ask for a drink or is it not to?

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    "Will I dissappoint my Newari friend if I say no? Will I dissappoint my sanskari parents if I say yes? God, save me!" - Every Non-Newar in Newari Bhoj.

  5. 5 What was it's name again?

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    When you want some more of that fabulously tasting dish but you don't remember its name and now you are stuck in abyss. 

  6. 6 Chicken kina chaina??

    You would definitely miss chicken in Newari Bhoj. And you would start asking yourself where the chicken is? 

    The answer is: Maybe Monica has it 😉

  7. 7 Jata Tetai Bhojai Bhoj

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    When Non-Newars have to wait for weddings or 'pasnis' for their Bhoj, Newaris do their Bhoj just anyday anywhere. Be it mandir, busy road, chowk or anywhere. And yes, even during 'Nepal bandhs' and 'chakka jams'. This is what we call '101-Reasons-To-Have-Newari-Friend'

  8. 8 Sukul bhoj = Pain-In-Ankle

    If you’ve ever gone to a typical Newari Bhoj, all that you would pray when you get an invitation next time is 'please sukul bhoj chai nahos' as your legs become 'behos'(numb).

    Tell us in the COMMENT section below about what other thoughts you had in a Newari bhoj. Also, SHARE this post so that the Newaris now know what non-Newars really feel in a Newari bhoj.

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