12 Nepalis who Made Us Proud This Year

“Nepali lai chance diyo bhane garcha”

Many Nepali people have made Nepal proud in many ways. Some were working for the betterment of Nepal, some represented Nepal in the global platform and performed beautifully, some have been recognized for their hard work, some are developing sports, education, and what not. These are some of the incredible people that deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated as they have made Nepal proud in various ways!!

Here are the list of some of the Nepalis that have made us proud this year:

  1. 1 Shrikhala Khatiwada


    There will be hardly any people who don't know her. Her hardwork and dedication has made her our role model. She won the multimedia award in the Miss World which itself is huge! 

    It doesn't end here!  She also won the most prestigious "Beauty With a Purpose" title and secured herself a position in top 12.

  2. 2 Manita Devkota


    Manita Devkota is the second Miss Nepal to enter into the Miss Universe competition after Nagma Shrestha.  She made it to the Top 10 of Miss Universe and also become the first Miss Nepal to enter into the Semi-Final spot!! 

    Her confidence, her determination made her stand out and she was also called "The Dark Horse" in Miss Universe!

  3. 3 Ranjit Shah

    Routine of Nepal banda

    The Arabian Epic Series is now in its second season and as Cross-Country Marathon (XCM) racing growing across Arabia. It has gone global and that are conducting multiple World Series competitions. Ranjit Shah(18-year-old Nepali) won the 12th position in Epic series XCM which is an International race in UAE!!

  4. 4 Ritik Yadav

    Routine of Nepal banda

    Ritik Yadav secured the World Topper in positioning Computing and World 7th position in Chemistry, Top in Nepal Chemistry and Top in Nepal Physics. This is said to be the most remarkable achievement that has helped Nepal to be recognized in that global level!! 

    And here we are just praying to even pass the examinations! #differenceinpeople

  5. 5 Genius Niraula

    Routine of Nepal banda

     Genius Niraula has been awarded from GREEN STAR AWARD in Recogination of his services for Enviroment and Social Services.

    Green Star award is a service award given to recognize outstanding and  remarkable efforts made by organizations and individuals to prevent, and regenerate planet.

  6. 6 Sudeep Marasini

    Routine of Nepal banda

    Sudeep Marasini, a 16 year old boy is titled as 'The Youngest Vedic Scientist Of The World" in the International Conference of Modern Science and Vedic Science!!

  7. 7 Prabhakar Kafle

    Routine of Nepal banda

    Prabhakar Kafle, a Nepali student who is a Bronze Medalist in International Physics Olympiad, has made us proud by getting accepted  in Harvard University and Massachusetts Institude of Technology(MIT) which are the top universities of the world!! 

    I am sure that moms will be like, "Prabhakar le ta garnu sakcha, ta kina sakdainas. Padh."

  8. 8 Princa Khadka

    Routine of Nepal banda

    This little princess has made Nepal proud by winning the best dancer award and the title "World Mini Model 2019" itself in Egypt.

  9. 9 Sakrit Karmacharya

    Routine of Nepal banda

    Sakrit Karmacharya has also positioned World Topper in Computer Science and Nepal topper in Physics, Chemistry and a firstt place in best 3 A Level subjects in this May/ June Session. 

  10. 10 Anuradha Koirala


    Ms.Anuradha Koirala, Founder of Maiti Nepal and  who is also the current Governor of Province 3 of Nepalwas honored as HUMAN RIGHTS ICON OF ASIA by G.O.D Asia  in Kolkata, India in 2018. 

    AnuradhaKoirala has been provided with 34 national and international awards in recognition of her courageous acts and she has been our inspiration and has made tremendous impact to people's lives!!

  11. 11 Menuka Poudel


    Menuka Poudel, who made to top 11 in Nepal Idol was back  in the Indian Show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”is one of the contestants who is loved the most. Evenhough Menuka Poudel is sightless, her knowledge and passion for music has made her able to reach this far.

    Menuka's soothing voice has been really appreciated and gained a large amount of fans from many countries!! 

  12. 12 Dhurmus -Suntali

    Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

    Dhurmus (Sita Ram Kattel) and Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire) established Dhurmus Suntali Foundation after destructive Earthquake occurred on Baisakh 12, 2074 with the aim of conducting social welfare activities. They have been working continuously for helping people and are considered one of the most motivational people has been active social workers. They have also planned to establish “Gautam Buddha Int'l Cricket Stadium” this year.

    They have been receiving huge help from people from all around the world for their generous works!

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments section below if we have missed out on any other heroes of Nepal making Nepal proud in various sectors!! 

    Also, please SHARE this post with your friends, family, relatives as they deserved to be recognized and are inspirational for all of us in many ways!!

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