Nepali Woman Gives Up Everything To Take Care Of Abandoned Dogs

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How far would a person go to take care of animals? Sure, when people see an injured dog on the street, they might get emotional and utter a few kind words. Some might even buy a piece of bread and feed it. But that’s about the extent of it. We don’t go out of our way to save an animal’s life, no matter how pitiable its condition is.

On the contrary, this woman’s story is a whole different one. Shreejana Shahi Thakuri sold her house and risked everything to take care of abandoned and injured dogs. As of now, she has more than 200 dogs of different breed under her care on a leased land in the outskirts of Kathmandu. Many abused these dogs while others abandoned the ones who were suffering from diseases.

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But such a dedication does not always come easy. Moreover, it’s utterly expensive to take of injured dogs in such a large number. She tells OnlineKhabar that it takes about NRS. 300,000 in a month to cover the costs of medical treatment, food, and medicines. What’s more, she rarely says ‘No’ to a dog that is found in the street and needs medical help.

Consequently, people who turn a blind eye to an injured dog on the street don’t understand the work or the sacrifice Shreejana has been doing. Through years, she has fought with the society, and powerful people to continue her work. Locals’ complains even reach to outrageous claims that they will spread diseases around the area, besides noise.

Credit: seemabhandariwordpress

In 2016 she decided to help an injured dog on the street- that’s how it started. Fast forward to a few years she’s saving more than two hundred lives and getting to understand the purpose of her life. She passionately explains, “I’m not doing this for money. Nor am I doing this for fame. I do this because I want to do it. These dogs have no one to call their own and I’m just doing my bit because I love dogs so much,”.

As of now, Shreejana is in dire need of donations to help fund her dog shelter, Shree’s Animal Rescue Nepal. Occasional help from her husband and other smaller donations only help cover a small part of her expenses.

She has an amazing team of three veterinarians, two volunteers, and a few locals, who make us want to believe that there is still so much goodness left in the world.

Whether it’s a dog with a broken leg, infected wound or zero hope of survival, Shreejana will take him/her in and fight for his/her life, as if it was her own.

Shree’s Animal Rescue Nepal is open for donation and adoption!

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