Nepali Tech Startups To Watch Out For

Nepali le chance payo bhane garcha

Nepali Tech Startups To Watchout For

While foreign stories of Garage Businesses to Multi-million Dollar Empire impresses you, have you ever wondered what’s going on in your own country?

There are multiple startups in Nepal itself that is paving the path for success and growth. Let’s sit down and applaud them.

  1. 1 Food Mario


    Food Mario delivers "ghar ko khana" that your mom always scolds you for not eating. 

    Saving you from gastritics and helping home entrepreneurs to earn from their receipe.


  2. 2 Tootle/Pathao


    Despite all the controversies and legal matter, Tootle/ Pathao are one of the best apps ever made for us valley people. 

    Successfully saving you from public transport with sweaty uncles and aunties. No offence tho.

  3. 3 Walkman


    Will you walk if you get paid ?? Ofcourse you will. 

    Walkman keeps the record of total steps you walk and convert them to coins. You can redeem those coins at a number of stores across the Valley and get discounts.
     *starts walking already

  4. 4 Bhoj Deals


    Order your favorite restaurant food and get it delivered at home. 

    BhojDeal le garda dindinai bhoj khana paaincha. A.W.E.S.O.M.E

  5. 5 Khalti


    *Khalti ma ek sukka paisa chaina* Now be broke in style 😉

    Khalti is a digital wallet and payment gateaway. you can pay bills, recharge or send and accept money from anywhere in Nepal. 

  6. 6 Cheers


    Getting drunk is more easy with this app. 


  7. 7 Cyber Nepal

    What if you can earn $ for posting, reacting and commenting?? 

    Cyber Nepal is such platform where you can earn CN$ for above activities and later redeem it to get google giftcards, funko pops or free web hosting. 

    If you're a Nepali gamer, tech enthusiast, content creator, entrepreneur, online marketer or a webmaster, get ready to fall in love with CN.

  8. 8 Cake Sewa


    Now ordering cakes for special occassions to normal days is much easier with Cake Sewa

    These startups seriously made our life so easier and better. If you think we missed out some important startups, do comment down below and do not forget to SHARE it with your friends and family.

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