8 Absurd Superstitions That You Have Heard From A Nepali Mom

Where would we be without mothers? There’s no argument that moms make our lives thousand times more manageable. Besides finding that lost pair of socks and being the most treasured person in our lives, they continue to instil pearls of wisdom in us. While most of the wisdom tend to be valuable, others are like cheap knock-off pearls you find in the streets of Bangkok. 

These cheap pearls are very easy to come by. From the time you were born to the time you are an adult; your mom makes it a point to continuously shower them onto you. You could be stubbing your foot for all you know or cutting your nails at night. It doesn't stop her from explaining a whole conspiracy theory on how it will make your life into a nightmare. Exactly 24 hours from then. 

If you haven’t heard these superstitions from your mom already, (pretty sure you have, unless you put cotton balls in your ears or loud music) it’s time we take you down the memory lane. Cringe if you must, laugh loudly or nod in agreement. It will be one hell of a nostalgic ride. 

  1. 1 I see a bad omen in your eyes!

    Ever had your eyes twitched continuously? Yes, it’s pretty annoying but I don't think it’s more annoying than your mom’s hypothesis on the cause of your muscle’s sudden bad behavior. The logic was this- if your right eye twitches something really bad was about to happen. On the contrary, unless it’s your left eye that was twitching. This would be a huge sigh of relief. Your eye’s tantrums could suddenly become the judge of your life. Who knew?

  2. 2 I kill life with my blood wherever I go!

    Periods are tough. You’d know this if you are a girl and have had to suffer this monthly torture. If this wasn’t bad enough already, our moms also add more stigma and superstitions around it to add more weight to our cramped tummy and back.For instance, the craziest one was that if you touched plants during your periods, it would suddenly droop and die within a few days. Let me repeat this, blood is not always death. Most often than not, it’s just a natural monthly occurrence that girls undertake so that humanity on this Earth would go on.  

  3. 3 One rule in this house: No upside down slippers!

    In a hurry? You’ve slipped your slippers off and you’re about to dash off. But right before you step out the door, you hear that sharp shrill announcing that you’ve left your slippers upside down. You guessed it! Moms have this strict rule of never leaving your slippers upside down. There is no definite explanation behind this, except that it’s bad. Truly bad. Like villains in a superhero movie. You have to hate it.

  4. 4 Rain on the happiest day of my life...if I lick a ladle

    Crazy does not even begin to cover this one. Yet it’s the classic superstition that all moms seem to have. In reality, none of us have actually licked a ladle. I mean who would? Unless you are eating the most amazing, yummy chicken curry (You are forgiven, even if your mom hasn’t). But say, if your mom attended a wedding and suddenly it rained she would place the blame on either the groom or the bride for licking a ladle at some point in their life. If you love rain and want it at your wedding, take a cue from your mom and just lovingly lick a ladle (Thank you!).

  5. 5 Showering at night is off limits for you

    It’s understandable. Our parents had a hard time when they were young. No electricity or running water. Imagine the pain they had to go through to take a bath during winter time. 

    Their own past experiences somehow become a rule that we have to follow at present. If your mom ever forbade you to take a shower during nighttime, stating that you’d catch a terrible cold (hey, even in summertime!) or ‘it’s just bad’, know you’re not the only one. We’ve all been there. 

  6. 6 A broom carries a lot of power then you think


    Hop onto that broom and get ready to be carried away in the whirlwind of some of the most amusing superstitions. Just hold on your mom while you’re at it. When I was helping my mom around the house, she always forbade me to avoid sweeping past people’s feet. Yes, it’s rude but it supposedly also carries away ‘Lakchin’ meaning, a sign of being a well-respected girl from a good family. 

    Besides this, the broom was also never kept upside down. It was a sign of a bad omen. The thing is, I never knew a common household object had such powers and finesse. It might as well smirk and say something really smart.  

  7. 7 Never prop your head with your hands

    What would be more comfortable than watching TV comfortably on the floor, while propping your head with your hands? If you’ve ever ventured to do this, it never fared well, did it? Apparently, if you do this you will carry a lot of struggle and troubles in your life. 

    First of all, how can such a comfortable position potentially bring misfortune in your life? But I suppose, none of the superstitions your mom says is sensible. So no complains there.  

  8. 8 No need to be fancy and groom yourself at night

    If nothing else, moms will probably you stop from cutting your nails or combing your hair during the night. The closest explanation for this is that your cleanliness will attract witches and make you susceptible to witchcraft. Are witches a sucker for clean and hygienic people? Ask your mom!  

    Did we miss something? Let us know in the comment. 

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  1. You miss not being able to pass a chilly hand to hand . If you do then you will fight each other and no whistling in the house at night.

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