Relatives you’ll meet at every Nepali family party

In Nepal, there are two types of parties that you can attend. One is a more informal type where you hang out with your friends. You laugh, sing and dance while making crude jokes about one another. Meanwhile, the other is the more formal ones which you attend with your family. You go to these because they are fun to a degree and because you usually don’t actually get to choose. 

A formal family party isn’t inherently boring since you still get to have all the free food. However, it does tend to get a bit uninteresting due to the sheer number of people that you don’t recognize. But let’s put strangers aside and focus on the people that you do know: relatives.

In every family, there tends to be a wild spectrum of relatives and you get to through it at every party. So, that being said, here are the types of relatives that you will meet at every party.

  1. 1 The Cool Cousin


    Like we said earlier, formal parties have a tendency of getting slightly dull. You can’t decide what’s more boring: the ambience or the people. However, you need not worry because there’s always a cool cousin who will swoop in like Superman and save your day. 

    We all have those cousins of our age who makes you actually want to attend the party because you look forward to meeting them. In a sea of strangers, you can finally feel at ease since you have a friend who shares your enthusiasm about the party.

  2. 2 The Drunk Uncle


    The cool cousin’s dad. Not in the literal sense but you get what we are trying to say. Everyone has that uncle who transforms into a completely different person after a few sips of alcohol. 

    This uncle goes from being a restrained family man to being the life of the party in less than ten minutes. He babbles words of wisdom as if he was a monk in his past life. This is the person that you would like to become one day.

  3. 3 The PR Manager


    Every celebrity has a PR manager or publicist whose sole job is to introduce him/her to new important people. In a similar manner, you will get a PR manager of your own who will introduce you to all distant, long forgotten cousins that you didn’t know you had. 

    Anyone could fill this position. Usually, it is one of your grandparents or uncles or aunts who seem to know everyone at the party. All you can do is stand and greet everyone with a vacant smile as this person introduces you to every distant relative.

  4. 4 The Perplexed Aunt


    Speaking of distant relatives, there are times when you go a long time before reuniting with one. Sometimes it is a few days, sometimes it is a few years. Regardless, this aunt will always be amazed by how much you’ve grown. 

    You could be a fully grown adult the last time you met and she will be surprised by your growth spurt the next time you meet. The point is, in her mind, you are a tree that grows eternally and won’t stop until you kiss the heavens.

  5. 5 The Photo Maniac


    Every event photographer’s nightmare. Okay, we understand that it’s a social event and everyone needs to dress pretty well for it. But, that is not an excuse to ask the photographer to click half-a-thousand pictures from different angles. 

    And photo maniacs won’t stop just there because pictures from only one DSLR camera isn’t enough. They will whip out his phone and go on a crusade for the perfect selfie.

  6. 6 The Dancer


    Just because it is a family party does not mean that you can’t have fun. That seems to be The Dancers' motto. Most of the times, you will find them at wedding receptions, which tend to have lighter moods, where the entire venue is her dance floor. 

    Compared to your other relatives who tend to have a stiff posture throughout the event, The Dancers seems as agile as an eel. And if you are not shy of flaunting your dancing abilities, you might as well join them.

  7. 7 The Jewelry Store

    Pop Culture And Fashion Magic

    We get it. It is a social event you want to look good as well as flaunt your wealth. Well, that’s at least what this person wants. And the thing is, it could be any one of your female relatives and that’s including your mom.

    She will have an assortment of items all over her body as if she was one of those mannequins at the store. And if you are at a wedding, you might confuse her for the bride judging by her attire.

  8. 8 The Massive Eater


    Yes, the food is free. That’s one of the primary reasons why people actually attend any kind of party. But there is that always those who take full advantage of this fact. Their plates have enough food to feed everyone at the party. But, you can’t blame them, can you? 

    Each and every one of us has done this at some point in our lives. So, next time you see them, give your approval and encourage them to carry on.

  9. 9 The Phone Hogger

    A phone is a wonderful piece of technology that has made all of our lives tremendously easier. However, it has also become the modern day drug that has people hooked to it. 

    The Phone Hoggers are those who will stay glued to their phones regardless of their surrounding. They are least concerned about the party and the people. 

    Typically, they belong to the young adult group of people who only attended the event as an obligation.

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  1. “His is version is definitely the person that you would like to become one day.” The twisted thoughts of writers at Lovly Nepal and the way they tangle it with humour is a huge relief to crazies like me who crave foe good reads. So, I have been following most of LN’s write ups. But would suggest that LN use a good proof reader or editor, who would filter out small errors like the one highlighted above. Otherwise, you guys are good weavers of words, which is almost extinct in todays world of emogis and acronyms. Love and peace to you

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