If You Belong To A Middle- Class Nepali Family, These Things Will Be SUPER Relatable

Have you ever switched off the fan even if you had gone to the bathroom for 3 minutes? Do you have to wear those old left out clothes of your siblings? If yes, then you surely belong to a middle-class family in Nepal.

Growing up in a middle-class family is like being stuck in between aspiring for the moon and making ends meet. And that is what makes the struggle challenging and hilarious! All those who grew up in a middle-class home know how eventful their lives have been. 

And they are the ones, who are trained from an early age to take life head-on. Here are the few things that every Nepali middle-class family can relate to:

  1. 1 Cutting the tube of toothpaste


    Would anyone use the toothpaste even if there’s hardly any paste left in the tube? Yes of course! There’s always some left if you are from a middle-class family. 

    Even if the power of Hercules can’t bring any paste out of the tube, you know you can. You just have to cut it into two halves and strive your toothbrush hard enough to get the last bit of the paste out!

  2. 2 Reusing gift wrappers


    While growing up in a middle-class family, you will always be trained to remove the gift wrappers without tearing them so that they can be re-used again while gifting something to others. 

    It’s one of the most common things done by every middle-class Nepalese people. After all, we all have a habit of buying the gifts at the very last moment, don't we?

  3. 3 Get to hear the prices of vegetables, if you are going to leave the food


    Most of the time, we have a habit of leaving half of our food on the plate. You might be excused if you belong to a rich family but don’t expect that same treatment from your mother if you belong to a middle-class family.

    Your mother is going to list out the price of each veggie items and will compel you to eat your food even if you were planning to toss it in the dustbin. Poor you! Although, instead of listening to that frequent nagging, it's better for you to finish all your dinner. 

  4. 4 Adding water in a bottle of shampoo


    Well, every middle-class kid has been taught to make the use of shampoo bottle till its last breath. Right? 

    Being raised in a middle-class family, you surely have mixed water in the shampoo bottle while bathing just to make sure that the bottle is empty. This idea works pretty well if you have already soaked your hair in water and you suddenly realize that there is no shampoo at all.

  5. 5 Using the same old toothbrush until it looks like sunflower


    Every middle-class kid knows it very well how to use that same toothbrush again and again until it takes the shape of a sunflower.

    Until and unless the bristles start falling out, we never bother buying a new one. The basic mantra of every middle-class family is that we never try to buy things till it becomes completely useless. Why bother buying those things which are already in use, isn't it? 

  6. 6 Bargaining in fixed price


    That shameful moment of our life when our mother asks for the price of an item and the shopkeeper's replies, "Only 1200 Madam!" But our mothers insist the shopkeeper sell it to her at 800 rupees. Don't you feel like disappearing in thin air, then?

    We all have wished to be invisible at that moment, but bargaining is in our blood. Even if the shop has fixed price of every item our mom decides to bargain.

  7. 7 Comparison with other kids


    Comparison with other kids is one of the most annoying habits of our parents. Our parents always feel as if their kids are the laziest among all. We all know that pain of being compared, right?

    The only dream of the parents of a middle-class family is that their son/daughter must compete with the children of their relatives or neighbors. If the son of so and so is studying mechanical engineering, then, poor you! Your family has definitively decided that you are going to study aeronautical engineering!

  8. 8 Superstitious Beliefs


    Growing up in a middle-class family, you might have encountered various superstitious beliefs like spitting on the floor while cat crosses your path, asking ‘Ram ki Bhoot’ if your food falls in the ground and sprinkling water on the body if a lizard falls on you.

    We all are bounded by such superstitious believes and we even don’t know the actual reasons behind these.

    Of course, it is frustrating to go through all of these things, but, in the end, they have only taught us to survive in the toughest of situations. If not, at least they have helped us make hilarious memories that we all cherish throughout our hectic adult life!

    Did we miss any of your experiences? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Juliyana Shah

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