Things A Nepali Has Definitely Lied About

While we all know that white lies make life much simpler, a young Nepali knows it better than anyone! Telling the truth demands answers to additional questions and giving explanations after explanations. Nobody wants that! Especially the younger generation, who lack both the patience and enough vocabularies to explain to their elders about their way of life. 

Like, how would you explain to your mother that you are going to a club? There is no way! Hence, you hide behind the shield of lies. 

Yes, yes, we know that lying is a sin, but what choice do we have, when our family just doesn’t understand the way we enjoy life? Having said that, this article is NOT about teaching you ways to lie to your families, okay? It’s just so true these days that we had to write about it!

Keep scrolling to know what situations a young Nepali would prefer to lie in, to avoid any kind of confrontation.

  1. 1 For a Friday night- out

    After a long week, it feels good to let yourself go. Yes, the good Fridays –the perfect time to go to clubs and dance, wear a dress that makes you look the best, meet new people, laugh, drink and just enjoy your life. But it comes with a price. You must lie to your parents to get permission to stay out late. How Nepali is that? 

    “My friend is going to Australia and we have a farewell party tonight. I’ll be late mom”, me crossing fingers so that she wouldn’t ask questions and set me free.

  2. 2 For a date

    You are on a date and out of nowhere, a relative, who you see once a year in Dashain, spots you. Does s/he come directly to you and talk? No. S/he calls your mom instead of with haired-brained ideas. Even though they are right, they have no rights to ruin your tranquil life!

    Anyways, I answer my mom with a casual tone, “Hyaa!! Sathi matra ho.” Also, question her with who you believe the most, your own child or some distant relative? It always works, doesn’t it?

  3. 3 For borrowing stuff

    “Oh! please could you lend me 1000 rupees? I’ll give it back to you tomorrow”, your friend asks desperately. Has anyone seen that tomorrow? Usually, you’d have to run after them to get your own money back. That is why, in Nepal, we say, “We don’t lend, we give.” Not just money, it can be books, DVD’s, scarf, anything! We tend to forget about it, don’t we? 

  4. 4 For getting a girl

    A man would say anything to impress his girl. It lasts mostly for a second because what he says is so obviously not true. But if that makes his girl smile even for a moment it is worth it, at least for him!

    My dad lied to my mom while they were dating. He said he had a color photo camera and asked her to pose for him. Well, by the time the photograph was developed, they were already married! He topped them all!

  5. 5 For not watching HIS kinda movie

    Well, since boys lie to get in a relationship, it is quite natural for girls to lie while in a relatioship. Your man wants to watch his favourite movie with you. The kind of movie you'd probably fall asleep while watching it. So, she lies lovingly, "I'd love to, baby, but I have a headache."

  6. 6 For bunking classes

    Nothing is more fun than bunking classes. Even the most strict DI can't discourage it; only enhance it further! The first time I ever bunked a class was during winter to see the snow in Phulchowki. We were the first batch of science students and were just 9 altogether. We were so excited to hear the news about the snowfall. In the excitement, we didn't realize that the teacher would also have to come to Phulchowki to give us classes!

  7. 7 For not doing assignments

    School homework, college assignments or household chores; we young people have made a list of lies for this particular subject. We think what to lie about even before we start doing anything at all! The lies for this topic have become universal lies. Even the teachers can't deny it!

  8. 8 For "buying gifts"

    You want to buy a new dress or take your significant other on a date? It wouldn't be possible without money, right? But then, you can't really tell your mom the truth. If you did, she would first scream and then think twice before giving you money ever! So, its better to lie-a secret pin code for mom atm.

  9. 9 For bargaining

    Bargaining is a tradition in Nepal. In fact, it is a sin to buy something without bargaining. We have to accompany our parents in order to learn this art. One of my friends accompanied her mother to buy a birthday present for her sister. Her mother emotionally bargained with the shopkeeper. She lied, rather naturally, saying she has only one daughter and she'd be very grateful if they would sell the dress for NOTHING! Oscar!! We young people seem to be behind in comparison to our parents!

    Although lying can definitely save us a whole lot of energy and interrogation, in the end, honesty is the best policy. 

    Do you think this is true? When was the last time you told a lie? Share your cunning stories in the comments!

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