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Social media is all the rage these days. It has become this generation’s drug that has everyone hooked to it. Just look anywhere and you are sure to find someone glued to their phones. Out of all those sites this generation loves, Instagram has proven to be one of the most popular in Nepal.

Although Instagram was originally supposed to be a platform for people to showcase their artistic side through photos, nowadays the site has become more of a platform to show-off. And with the “stories” feature, that ability has become even more prominent.

In the context of Nepal, this site is populated by all different kinds of users. For some, it is just a casual distraction to pass the time. For others, it is the sole element that gives their lives any meaning or purpose. That being said, here is a list of types of Nepali Instagrammers you will come across.

  1. 1 The Serial Poster

    Everyone who has used Instagram has gone through this since there is always that one friend who does it. This is the type of user who will post something like his life depends on it. 

    The sheer frequency of his posts is baffling since it might range from one to a few dozens per day.

    And of course, the rest of us are bombarded with them whether we like it or not. The only viable thing to do is treat their posts like the random ads that you get and scroll past them.

  2. 2 The Meme-Lord

    Tanki X Forum

    If you are someone who is still stuck in the ’90s, let us explain what memes are. They are basically humorous images, videos or texts on the internet. Meme-lords generally consider spreading them as their civic duty since they believe it’s up to them to make their followers laugh. 

    And to a degree, they do succeed. After all, memes normally tend to be hilarious. However, to understand some of them, you will need to be as familiar with the internet as the meme-lord is. So sometimes, the nuances will be lost in translation.

  3. 3 The Celebrity


    The fun thing about social media is that it isn’t just limited to commoners like us. Celebrities like Shristi Shrestha and Nikhil Gurung are on Instagram too. They normally use this platform to give an account of their daily routine and other updates to their fans. 

    There’s also that one person on your “following” list who is suffering from a misplaced sense of fame. So, they go on indulging themselves and post their routines to their “fans”. Little do they understand that self-perceived internet fame is as useful as money from monopoly.

  4. 4 The Food Blogger/Critic


    Today, Instagram has become almost synonymous with pictures of food. Some people just have the tendency to show-off what they are eating to the rest of the world. And there is always that person who prevents his hungry friends from eating just so he can post a few pictures. 

    And when he does post, there’s no discrimination among the types of food. From a glass of water to a full three-course gourmet meal, you can bet on him posting the whole menu.

  5. 5 The Hashtagger


    There was a time when the “#” symbol was used to denote numbers. But those days are over. Now, Instagrammers heavily use the symbol to gain extra mileage for their posts. 

    But that is understandable and even permissible given that that is how the internet works. 

    However, the Hashtagger is the one who will use about a dozen of them in one go. His hashtags tend to be less about mileage and more about what he wants his followers to notice. And that is just plain #useless!

  6. 6 The Ghost


    You might think Instagram is all about sharing and expressing. The Ghost, however, believes in neither of those things. These "ghosts" generally tend to be silent observers who watch what others are doing from afar. 

    You usually don’t remember that you have followed this type of person. And when you do, it’s only because they have miraculously posted something in ages. 

    Seeing them post feels like seeing a hermit break his fast. You knew it was going to happen, you just didn’t expect him to take this long.

  7. 7 The Inspiration

    Best Animations

    This is the person who focuses more on text than on pictures. They post nothing but inspirational quotes that all have different meanings depending on the context. Maybe, they think that they are the next Yogi Vikashananda trying to motivate and inspire his followers. 

    It kind of works, but only up to a point before it gets obnoxious. They flood your feed with nothing but quotes, you feel like you are reading a book without a point. And unless you are into things like that, chances are, you will quickly get bored.

  8. 8 The Gym-Freak


    Getting in shape is a very tiring effort. Those miles that you run and weights that you lift are all in service of taking your body to its peak. 

    And the sense of satisfaction that you get when you do achieve it is simply indescribable. So, we do understand wanting to show off your body to your followers on Instagram. 

    However, the Gym-Freak is more concerned about sharing the fact that s/he is in the gym than actually working out. They lift their phone more than the weights like that, somehow, was an exercise in itself. But in all honesty, we all wish it was exactly so!

  9. 9 The Traveler


    Who doesn’t want to travel to new and exotic places? It’s the one thing that is everyone’s bucket list. Very few lucky ones actually get to do it and among them is the traveller. S/he will travel to all sorts of distant and remote locations that lack roads and proper plumbing. 

    Somehow, they manage to get access to the internet. And then they go on to treat Instagram as their travel journal, documenting each and every aspect of the journey. All the while we are left to wonder: how do they have so much time to travel and what kind of job allows them to afford it?

    Yes, they all are annoying in their own way. However, we all must admit that they, together make our feed interesting. After all, we wouldn't have anything on our feed without them, would we?

    Have you ever been annoyed with any of these Instagrammers? Do share your experiences in the comments!

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