If Game of Thrones’ Dialogues Were Said In Nepali

Imagine if Jon Babu fell in love with ‘Palla Ghar Ki Saili?’

Game of Thrones taught us all about Knights, Stewarts, Lords, and Ladies, along with free Sex Ed. Thank God for Game of Thrones and VPN! (If you know what I mean)

If George R.R Martin paid a visit to Nepal, he would find more masaledar dialogues and find an even better Jon Snow (self-righteous, clueless about sex, Sam babu ko lagi jyan diney and just as dapper…Rajesh dai kya!)

So basically, these are the dialogues he would find.

  1. 1 "You know nothing Jon Snow!" - Talai kehi ni audaina Janak Babu!


    Something Janak’s ama would say, while teaching him how to write ka, kha under a flickering Tuki Batti.

  2. 2 “You are going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep Well.” - Bholi ta pakka marchhas, jati sutnu chha sut aja, Lok Bahadur.


    This is our go-to dialogue while threatening someone, quite probably the one whom we hate with the heat of a thousand suns.

  3. 3 “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die”- Jaba timi satta ko khel khelchau, taba timi marchau ki ta timlai America ko DV parchha.


    Yes, you sacrifice your entire career and job in Nepal for that golden Visa to the land of opportunities. It’s the ultimate gamble that every Nepali has thought of at least once (if not suffered).

  4. 4 "The night is dark and full of terrors"- Raat adyaro huncha, loadshedding le jiuna garo huncha


    Basically, load-shedding was the ultimate nightmare of Kathmandu basi. We would gladly avoid it, even if it means sacrificing little girls. Total Mellisandre style!

  5. 5 “A Lannister always pays his debts”- Lamicchhane le sapati liye pachi tircha tircha!


    The go-to dialogue for all Lamicchhanes including every Ram, Shyam, and Hari while borrowing money.  

  6. 6 “Winter is coming”- Kathyangrido jado audai cha, aba dui mahina nuihaienda


    The cold chills us even before it’s winter. And the way we prep for it? Thinking about all the tato tato momo’s soup we would devour in front of an electric heater.

  7. 7 “I drink and I know things”- Raksi khaye pachi ta ma Baba hunchu, Baba!


    Chances are if your friend’s name is Siddhartha, he will miraculously turn into a Buddha, after the 8th grade.

  8. 8 “The Girl Has No Name” - Talai Kasle Chinchha Ra Dhaak Dekhaki


    Every time your mom catches you off-guard while you’re sweet-talking on the phone with your boyfriend.  

  9. 9 “Hodor, Hodor Hodor”- Hodor “ (Tyo Bike Lai) Rok Rok Rok!”- Inspector Hod Bahadur


    Every time a traffic police officer sees a rebel trying to escape a surprise checking. 

  10. 10 "I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel"- Harey pheri tyre puncture bhayo!


    Every two-wheeler owner ever when their tyre sputters and gives up on them.

  11. 11 “Now my watch has ended”- Aba ta khattam bhaye ma!


    While facepalming yourself and cursing your fate, you say this to express your utter frustration. Sathi, you’re basically ten inches deep in trouble. All the best!

  12. 12 “What do you say to the God of Death? Not Today!”- Yamaraj lai chhati fukaera bhande --Jai bholi!


    You can count on our Nepalipan to even procrastinate death.

  13. 13 “Burn them all!”- Jalaidey, kharani banaidey!


    When you don’t want to face your mark sheets and you order your friend to make them disappear from the face of Earth. 

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