Gharbetis All Nepalese Have Put Up With At Least Once In Life

Most of the youngsters in Nepal have migrated from various parts of Nepal to cities, in search of better opportunities and freedom. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly what you are thinking. Poor you! Some of the landlords here in Nepal are there to change your whole perception of freedom.

Staying in a rented home is just like a trap. And, no matter how much you follow their instructions, they will always treat you as if you are the worst tenants they ever had!

There are some of the landlords whom you can never please. But at the same time, not all of them are the same. There are some who will treat you like family and will try hard to make your stay comfortable.

Here are the types of Nepali gharbetis you can relate to having if you have ever lived in a rented house.

  1. 1 The Sneaky One


    These types of gharbeti are the ones who consider themselves the James Bond of their house. Basically, they are the ones who can never understand the concept of ‘privacy’. Having a landlord more like a spy is so disturbing and annoying at the same time.

    Obviously, no one wants their landlords to be caught red-handed while peeping in their apartment! We know that we are tenants in their house. But it doesn’t mean that they can invade our privacy like that!

  2. 2 Mr. Fix-It-All


    Are you running out of water? Or having a leakage in the pipe? No worries! You have Mr fix-it-all in your house. Your multi-talented gharbeti is there with you and is always ready to fix all the problems whenever you are in trouble.

    Mr fix-it-all is especially the landlords who are too obsessed with perfection. At the same time they are the kindest as they never hesitate to help you whenever you are in need. So, consider yourself lucky if you have such a gharbeti!

  3. 3 The Second Father


    You are blessed, if you have a gharbeti who is there to treat you like their family member. They are always there to guide you whenever you are in trouble.

    Especially in Nepal, these types of gharbetis will never forget to bring ‘prasad’ for you whenever they visit temples. And they will always make sure that you are the part of their family gatherings.

  4. 4 The Gossiper


    Instead of minding their own business, you will always find some of the landlords gossiping about others. They are always fond of mocking others and whenever a person(prey) enters the house asking:" Is there any room for rent?" Deep inside they are like "Here comes the prey!"

    They are aware of each and every things you have done. Whether its returning from a late night party or its about calling your guy or girl friend to stay over. They are always in the search of hot gossips!

    And if you show them your one loop-hole, and then Boom! All your neighbors will know about your private issues.

  5. 5 Mr. Invisible


    Your building is on fire, but you cant find your gharbeti there! Then you must have an invisible landlord.

    They always want to stay mysterious to their tenants. They never show up untill and unless they have some important suffs like collection rent and informing about the agreement.

    Well, Maybe its all because they are introvert in nature or they prefer staying alone.

  6. 6 The Worry Wart


    A Worry Warts are the ones who are always worried unnecessarily. They always have that inner feeling that their tenants are going to destroy their house.

    They will react as if you are hitting their house will a dozer, even if all you were doing was hammering nails on the wall. They will always worry unnecessarily and will spoil your mood even if you are planning something good.

  7. 7 The Complain Box


    Okay! We know that we are living in a rented house, but it is not necessary to remind us that we are tenants. In Nepal, there are some gharbetis who will always keep on complaining.

    If you are planning to impress your complain box gharbeti by decorating the garden with various flower, don’t do it! Because they will again complain: "I was planning to have pink flowers! Oh, I hate those roses over there." Or something like that.

    It’s a really challenging task to make them happy but even if you made them happy they the never show that they are satisfied.

  8. 8 The Paperwork Monsters


    They are the types of gharbetis whose childhood dream was to become a lawyer. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t be the one, so they try to freak out their tenants by introducing various rules and regulations to them.

    Paperwork monsters are those who are very serious regarding the agreements signed while renting the house. And if you mistakenly violated any of the rules, then you might be in trouble! 

    Indeed, it's annoying and inconvenient for us, tenants to put up with gharbetis, but maybe, there is a bigger picture that reveals the reason landlords are the way they are. Maybe, we can see the bigger picture only if we, ourselves become gharbetis, someday.

    Did we miss any of the gharbetis you might have encountered? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Juliyana Shah

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  1. The kind of gharbeti who ll keep on bugging you to give the rent in advance saying ” yo mahina malai alik garo bhairakocha tyeibhayera alik chittai rent milau na type* the worst kind of gharbeti. Haha

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