Typical Nepali Foods and Their Carb Counts

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. Carbs provide 45 to 65 per cent of your daily calorie intake. You should generally aim for about 225 to 325 grams of carbs per day. But if you need to lose weight, you will get much faster results eating around 50 to 150 grams of carbs.

Here are some typical Nepali foods and their carb counts:

  1. 1 Yomari

    YouTube/ VMAG

    Yomaris are not only delicious, but  It is a good source of energy and carbohydrates and it contains sugars as well. Yomari is made of sesame seeds and chaku. Sesame seeds are considered as healthy foods.

    Normally, 1 yomari has 22.7grams of Carbs.

  2. 2 Selroti

    YouTube/ Namaste Nepal

    Selroti is a traditional Nepali homemade, ring-shaped bread made with rice flour dough and other flavours of personal choice. This is mostly prepared during Dashain and Tihar. The unknown fact about Selroti is that it can be for 20 days!!

    Normally, a Selroti has 37 grams of Carbs.

  3. 3 Dhido

    YouTube/ Prakash Paudel

    Dhido is a traditional Nepali food that is prepared mostly in the hilly region of Nepal. This wheat pudding is considered to be healthy and is a common cuisine prepared mostly during the fast.

    Normally, a cup of Dhido has about 95grams of carbs.

  4. 4 Aloo tama

    Youtube/ Yummy Food World

    Aloo tama is one of the popular dishes in Nepali/ Newari cuisine. It is a Nepali curry with bamboo-shoot, potatoes, and black-eyed peas which is sour, hot and spicy. It is generally eaten as a side dish with beaten rice, wo (Newari food), rice or samaybaji by the Newars.

    Generally, 1 cup of Aloo tama has 8grams of carbs.

  5. 5 Momo

    YouTube/ VMAG

    Momo (dumplings) is one of Nepal's most popular dishes which are eaten either as an entree or as mains as well. It's a dumpling filled with meat or vegetables as well.

    A plate of Chicken momo has 42g carbs, Veggie mom has 9g of carbs, pork momo has 43g of carbs.

  6. 6 Gundruk

    YouTube/ Learn to cook with me

    Gundruk is fermented leafy green vegetable and is a popular food in Nepal and is said to be one of the national dishes. Gundruk is probably the most popular and loved food in Nepal.

    It has about 0.38g of carbs.

  7. 7 Red beaten rice(Taichung Chuira)

    YouTube/ Sunil Sunildamor

    Beaten rice which is commonly known as chiura in Nepal is one of the most popular snacks.  It is very light, easy to eat, carry and make. 

    Be it any festival or a normal day, chiura is ever-loved!!

    50 grams of Chuira contains about 20g of carbs.

  8. 8 Chowmein

    YouTube/ Kabita's Kitchen

    Chomein is basically fried noodles with a bit of onion, cabbage, chicken or buff or veg, and a few pinches of various spices to give it a flavour.Chowmein is also one of the most popular dishes in Nepal.

    1 plate Chicken chowmein has about 41g of carbs, vegetable chowmein has 48g of carbs,

  9. 9 Chicken choila

    YouTube/ Food and Cats

    Chicken Choila is one of the popular Nepali dishes that is mostly served together with Baji (beaten rice) and local booze. Choila usually is made from boiled meat and is fired deeply which makes it juicy and crispy!

    One plate Chicken Choila contains about 17g of carbs.

  10. 10 Noodles

    YouTube/ Virtual Nepali

    Noodles are the most loved food of kids and adults too. It is the best and the easiest food that would taste good even if anyone makes it!! All due to its spices. And we all love it!!

    It has about 40.01g of carbs.

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